Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Tips

Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas and TipsCheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas and Tips

Giving your old kitchen a new makeover may turn out to be an easy task for you. Upgrading a kitchen is full of possibilities, and even a few simple budget ideas can refresh, modernize, and add value to your home. Remodeling projects, such as updating decor, improving your layout, and adding storage, will better meet the style and the needs of your family. Read more



UndercoverHave a handful of kids that are well, a handful? Add an organization system to your home that both you and the kids can navigate!


 Start by adding shelves under your high cabinets. Stick your canned goods, glass spice bottles, and dry ingredients here so that they’re quick to grab when you’re cooking up a storm. Think easy access! This is also a fabulous addition for those without a pantry or who need things visually laid out before them. You can take what you need and hastily place it back once you’re done, cleaning up as you go. Read more


Build Charater in Your Home

Build Charater in Your HomeBuild Charater in Your Home

It is very important that after you have decorated your house to have the feeling that you have created your home. For this to happen, try and add your personal touches and, of course, find a designer to help you, this way, you will make sure that by the time you will finish decorating, everything will look just perfect. Read more


Storage Ottoman

Storage OttomanHow to Build an Upholstered Storage Ottoman – i could really use one of these.different fabric of course, but great instructions. needs plywood, foam, and fabric.

Storage Ottoman

 The plans can be pretty simple if you have acquired a few basic tools. Start by taking measurements. You have to be good with math and a pencil. Then, begin the hunt for the perfect fabric. You will need something super durable and kid friendly, so you can check out some outdoor fabrics. You can look for it in local fabric stores, or you can find what you need using the internet. And you will find that the prices can be really low. Read more


Under Shelf Basket for Breads

Under Shelf Basket for BreadsUnder Shelf Basket for Breads

if you have a small kitchen, there might be some problems with the space, especially when it comes to the pantry area. But there are solutions for each one of your problems.

 The top space on your walls can be used for some pantry shelves. It will be a little difficult to reach if you are a short person, but not impossible. You just need a little ladder.Under the shelves for the pantry you can add a basket for bread. Read more


Love This Palette

Love This PaletteLove This Palette

Choosing a color for your house may be a difficult task. Especially, if you do not know for sure what you want the walls of your house to look like. Maybe it would be better to get some help with some advice from a professional. Consulting him, you will find exactly what you want and what best suits you.

 It is difficult to know for sure if the colors you used for each room are the best choices. Read more


Living Room

Living RoomLiving Room

Every living room is a fascinating area of interior design, because this room is the place where we spend time entertaining, relaxing, and visiting with others. One of the most visible areas of the home, your living room can set the tone for the entire dwelling. The fact that this part of the house is so much fun to decorate is both exciting and potentially problematic. Why problematic? Because we often cram all of our favorite belongings into the space without considering how the pieces fit together. Read more


4 Steps to a pallet bookshelf

pallet-book-shelves-2Pallet book shelves are the newest trend with DIY teachers, crafty people on a budget and organized moms. They’re great for kid’s rooms or playrooms to hold books and papers and they’ll keep the books out of the floor and on the wall in their spot. They’re crafty and can be drawn on, painted, and made to fit your child’s room theme. If you have a daughter you could paint flowers on it and if you have a boy you could leave it as is to add to a cowboy theme, or you could paint some things to add to the theme.


Needless to say, these bookshelves are great for any child’s room. They’re easy to make too!

All you need is a pallet or two.

  1. You’re going to start by tearing your pallets apart and put two on the ground. (This will be your back)
  2. Then you’re going to put one for the bottom and nail it to the bottom of the back piece. (This is your bottom piece)
  3. Next, you’re going to nail side pieces on, these can be the non straight board pieces on the pallet (see photo).
  4. And lastly you’ll nail on the front board piece to the side and bottom pieces.

Then, Viola! You’ve made yourself a pallet bookshelf!


Do pallets just make you smile? Well, here’s a look at how to make a pallet wine rack, which could also serve as a bookshelf like this one.

And of course, here’s one for the ladies.. An attractive guy building a coffee table from pallets? Uh, yes please!

That video actually reminds me of the pallet tables post, click here to check it out and get more ideas for your old pallets!

If you have any cool pallet furniture, let me know what it is in the comment section below!


“…and then I found myself in Wonderland.”

Alice In Wonderland Door Knob Door Knob To A Playroom Awesome 2
Alice in Wonderland, written in 1865 spread like wildfire and even to today, Alice is still touching the lives of imaginative children today. Made into several different movies throughout the years, Alice has not disappointed yet. Maybe it’s the beautiful Alice or maybe the magical world that she ends up in that mesmerizes your children. Either way, they may come to you wanting a Wonderland themed bedroom, but how in the world are you going to provide this magical room?  Read more


Paint Tips – Some Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Paint Tips – Some Ways to Make Your Life EasierHere are a few tips on how to make your life easier when it comes to painting your room or house.

1.)    Here’s a great way to recycle! The cardboard packaging that your 24-pack of bottled water comes in makes a great tray to hold all of your paint things together. The plastic on the outside keeps spills contained within the box. Read more