Southern Revivals – Great Ideas for Your Own Furniture Fix-ups

Southern Revivals – Great Ideas for Your Own Furniture Fix-upsYou just bought a pair of end-tables from the flea-market. At the time, you thought they looked great and had a lot of potential. But now that you see them in your house, you don’t know what you were thinking. You’re at a loss as to what to do with them. Try checking out Southern Revival, a blog all about furniture re-dos. You won’t find better ideas for your end-tables than you’ll get here. With her own project examples, paint suggestions, and step-by-step instructions on how-to, Jamie, the blog’s creator, fills this site out nicely with content. And she doesn’t skimp on quality. Read more


Three Mirrors in One!

Three Mirrors in One!Another handy tip on large bathroom mirrors. As nice as they can be, sometimes they can overwhelm the email space by giving you too much of it. You could take it down and put in a smaller one. Or you could separate it into two mirrors with a cabinet and some border trim. But why not consider this: keep the mirror and get the benefit of three at the same time by taking the border and trim idea and applying it to the situation. You just have to use the trim to separate into threes. Read more


Tame Large Mirrors by Breaking It Up

Tame Large Mirrors by Breaking It UpTame Large Mirrors by Breaking It Up

Is your bathroom boring? Are you sick of walking in looking at that huge mirror? You used to love it; it opened up the room so much! But it seems so plain now. The mirror adds so much space to the room that it has taken over. Here’s an easy solution to your problem. Break up the space to add interest to the room! Read more


No Sew Roman Shades

No Sew Roman ShadesHave windows you want to give a quick makeover but don’t want to deal with the hassle of needle and thread? Here’s a good project for you. These no-sew Roman shades will spruce up any window with little cost and no pricked fingers. It just takes a little bit of patience and some supplies.

 No Sew Roman Shades

 Here’s what you’ll need:



 -Cheap blinds from Walmart (you’ll need to measure your window beforehand to figure out what size you’ll need)

 -Fabric Read more


Fire Without the Wood – Fire Glass!

Fire Without the Wood – Fire GlassFire Without the Wood   Fire Glass!

It looks like fire. In fact, it is fire. But that doesn’t look like wood. And it’s blue. Is this something out of a sci-fi movie or Harry Potter? Nope. This is fire glass. It’s a great alternative to wood and looks fantastic! And there are a lot of benefits.

 Fire glass can be used in gas fireplaces and fire pits to keep a flame going. And it doesn’t burn. It’s actually retaining the heat and refracting the light using gas to burn. It works the same way that artificial logs do, but it’s definitely more interesting. Read more


Ceramic Tile or Wood? The Benfits of Both!

Ceramic Tile or Wood The Benfits of Both.It’s morning. You’re drowsy as you walk towards the bathroom. You flip on the light and are greeted by a wooden floor. As soon as you step foot inside, you smile, remembering that it’s not real wood; it’s ceramic tile. The ceramic allows you to enjoy the aesthetic of wood with the price and convenience of tile.

Ceramic Tile or Wood? The Benfits of Both! Read more


Plywood Floor

Plywood FloorPlywood Floor

Bored with your usual tiled floors? Well, me too! The other day, I thought of the same thing. Then an awesome idea hit me! Why not put plywood on top of my tiled floor to make it seem new, and to change my Home decor for a change.

 Ever since it was built, it always had the same tiled floor and decor, I got sick of it. And finally, just yesterday, I purchased a bunch plywood for my floor. You can apply the plywood floors on top of the tiles so that it will even out the floor, as well as making a lesser mess, and of course to make your job easier. Read more


Kitchen Storage

Kitchen StorageKitchen Storage

Have you ever thought of a kitchen storage? A storage where you can put everything and anything for kitchen. But you already have your kitchen with cabinets and drawers, though sometimes, or everything we can put in the cabinets and drawers. Not everything would fit.

 Here’s an idea: transform one of your cabinets into one huge Kitchen storage. Take a look at the photo above. Instead of the normal open-close cabinet Kitchen Storage , you can transform it into a slide-to-open cabinet. That will make more space for the things, as well as organizing them. With a help of your husband or anyone who can do a little carpentry, they can help you transform your old cabinet into a new one. Read more


New Bedroom for Students

New Bedroom for StudentsNew Bedroom for Students

Did you ever encounter bedroom photos on Magazines and on tumblr? The featured Bedrooms are usually the kinds that are unique and expensive to look at. Unique, yes, but not entirely expensive. With the help of your imagination and creativity, you can remodel your Bedroom to any theme you want!

 Take a look at the photo above. The bed is under the bookshelf. This is a dream room for all bookworms out there! With the help with your Dad or anyone who knows carpentry, you can choose to make your room like the photo above.

 Be inspired with it. Another idea would be decorating your Bedroom wall with Christmas lights New Bedroom for Students Read more