Plywood Floor

Plywood FloorPlywood Floor

Bored with your usual tiled floors? Well, me too! The other day, I thought of the same thing. Then an awesome idea hit me! Why not put plywood on top of my tiled floor to make it seem new, and to change my Home decor for a change.

 Ever since it was built, it always had the same tiled floor and decor, I got sick of it. And finally, just yesterday, I purchased a bunch plywood for my floor. You can apply the plywood floors on top of the tiles so that it will even out the floor, as well as making a lesser mess, and of course to make your job easier. Read more


Kitchen Storage

Kitchen StorageKitchen Storage

Have you ever thought of a kitchen storage? A storage where you can put everything and anything for kitchen. But you already have your kitchen with cabinets and drawers, though sometimes, or everything we can put in the cabinets and drawers. Not everything would fit.

 Here’s an idea: transform one of your cabinets into one huge Kitchen storage. Take a look at the photo above. Instead of the normal open-close cabinet Kitchen Storage , you can transform it into a slide-to-open cabinet. That will make more space for the things, as well as organizing them. With a help of your husband or anyone who can do a little carpentry, they can help you transform your old cabinet into a new one. Read more


New Bedroom for Students

New Bedroom for StudentsNew Bedroom for Students

Did you ever encounter bedroom photos on Magazines and on tumblr? The featured Bedrooms are usually the kinds that are unique and expensive to look at. Unique, yes, but not entirely expensive. With the help of your imagination and creativity, you can remodel your Bedroom to any theme you want!

 Take a look at the photo above. The bed is under the bookshelf. This is a dream room for all bookworms out there! With the help with your Dad or anyone who knows carpentry, you can choose to make your room like the photo above.

 Be inspired with it. Another idea would be decorating your Bedroom wall with Christmas lights New Bedroom for Students Read more


Love these chairs!

Love these chairs!Love these chairs!

 Wondering if you can still make use of your Vintage (or old) tables and chairs at home? Of course, you can! If you have one or more, make use of them! You can even repaint  them, even put varnish on them to make them look brand new. Also with your chairs, you can transform the chair into your liking. Here’s an idea, put foam on it and fabric to cover up the foam, for added comfort. This can make your chair look more fancy and unique. You can also repaint the chairs to match your table. If you opt not to put foam, just repaint the chairs or put varnish on it, it can make it look new. Read more


Martha Stewart’s Tub Scrub – Amazing!

Martha-Stewart’s-Tub-Scrub-–-Amazing!Martha Stewarts Tub Scrub   Amazing!

The goal of getting a whiter bathtub is like trying for whiter teeth: a lot of products make promises that they can’t deliver on. Is there a way to make my tub whiter? As a matter of fact, there is, thanks to Martha Stewart. Her tub scrub works better than other cleaning products in getting off water and soap residue. And it’s nontoxic (I still wouldn’t recommend using it on your teeth though, just in case). Here’s Martha’s method. Get some liquid soap and antibacterial essential oil. What’s an essential oil? It’s a liquid that has odor compounds that have been extracted from plants. The smell is always specific to a particular plant; it’s “essential” to making that plant unique. For this scrub, you’ll also need baking soda. Read more


White Tufted Headboard

White Tufted HeadboardWhite Tufted Headboard

Want to have a headboard just like this one? It makes you bed look more comfortable and fancy. You can even make one yourself! And I can show you how. Looking at celeb homes and photos of bedrooms that you can see on television as well as on the magazines, headboards are a huge thing.

 They are classy, makes your bed look expensive, and most especially, it can make you want to be in your bed whenever you see it! It is easy to make really. Instead of buying, which is more expensive, make one for yourself and maybe for your kids too. Read more


How To: Cupcake Mason Jars

Are you looking for a great personalized gift that isn’t too expensive but that is still attractive? Here’s a great idea for cupcake mason jaHow-To-Cupcake-Mason-JarsHow To Cupcake Mason Jarsrs. It can be given as a gift in many situations, and it’s cute! You may find yourself making them for yourself.

 How To: Cupcake Mason Jars

 You’ll need to gather a few things before you start:

 -A mason jar (4oz)

 -White spray paint

 -White caulk

 -Tiny beads for the “sprinkles”

 -Ribbon Read more


Mod Podge+Glitter= Fun for all Ages

A Modpodge of GlitterSome of us have a special weakness for sparkly things. Your dog has a bedazzled collar. All of your furniture has some form of bling. Your nails seem to have their own light from all the shine on them. You might be a glitter-child. Or maybe you don’t go this over the top, but you just want to be able to make something prettier with a little sparkle. Either way, your life would benefit from this handy little idea. It’s a way to be-glitter anything with a wipe of a brush. No hassle and no stress. It just takes a little bit of mixing.

Read more


Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

Cabinet Lighting in Your KitchenYour stomach just spoke to you, and it wasn’t whispering. You’re hungry! You tiptoe down the stairs for a late-night snack; it’s not something you do often, but you deserve a little treat. It’s dark and quiet, except for the wind outside. It’s blowing clouds in front of the moon, making it so you can’t see very well. You stumble quietly into the kitchen and search for the lights. You hit the second switch and a soft glow lights up the room. It’s not coming from the ceiling. Instead, the light plays from behind the glass in your cabinets, where your dishes and wine glasses rest.

 Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen Read more


Succulent Wreath

Succulent WreathSucculent Wreath

A person’s door says a lot about who lives there. The color, the doorknobs, how many locks, and what decorations are on it. What does yours say about you? However it speaks to passers by, a wreath says that “a warm and welcoming person with good taste lives here!” So, why shouldn’t you have one yourself? A colorful wreath made out of flowers and plants is a great choice for your door. It’s sophisticated and interesting, drawing the eye and the compliments. What kind of flowers you choose is up to you, and since you have a flair for things like this, we know it’ll look good. But why not try using succulents? Read more