Great Tips for Time Saver

Great Tips for Time SaverI’m going to tell you something about life. You see in life we learn things everyday. We sometimes learn a few things through out the course of one day. This is a universal truth. In life, it is also hard to unlearn something once you learn it. This is also a universal truth. The thought behind this is once you learn something it is very difficult to stop doing what you have been accustomed to doing. Basically, it is hard to break a habit once it has been formed. These are truths in life that we one way or another learn. Read more

Landscaping Design Tips from Margie Grace

Landscaping Design Tips from Margie GraceDo you have a large backyard and you have not a clue what to do with you? Are you undecided about which way to go but you know for sure you want a fabulous landscape design for your home? Landscaping is one of those things you kind of need help with. Unless you have some landscaping skills or you have an eye for what looks good, 9 times out of 10 you will benefit tremendously from having some assistance with your landscaping project. Read more

Firepit I Want One Like This

Firepit I Want One Like ThisSummer time is quickly approaching. What is better to do in the summer than spend time with the family in the backyard?Yes, it is a great time to get caught up with family and friends while enjoying great food and drinks.

 Sometimes however friends and family are busy in the daylight hours. They may also want to stay a little longer reminiscing about old times. How can you accommodate guests after the sun has gone down? A firepit!!! Yes, a firepit is a really cool way to spend the late hours of the evening with family and friends. Read more

Color my Room Tool from MyColortopia

Color my Room Tool from MyColortopiaAre you anything like me? Do you love color and don’t have a specific color that you would call your favorite? I mean if I had to choose I would go with neutral colors. I really do adore neutral colors but I also like teal, pink, silver, pale blue, red, orange, and all of these colors in various shades. Oh, yeah!!! Purple I love purple as well. You see, I couldn’t narrow down my choice of color to save my life because I really like color. Read more

Family Tree (wall tree)

Family Tree (wall tree)This is a really neat idea. Pictures have always been a thing that gathers family, friends and acquaintances on the living sofa for moments to remember the past. It is just something whimsical about photos and photo albums. I suppose it is because pictures tell so much without uttering a word. I suppose it is because pictures freezes time like nothing else does. I don’t really have the answer but whenever photo albums are pulled out of drawers and cabinets everyone wants to sit around and take a look. Read more

Use Rustoleum Protective Enamel Paint to Paint Laundry Machine

Use Rustoleum Protective Enamel Paint to Paint Laundry MachineIt is true that we women love new appliances, new car smell and just about anything new. It just seems so satisfying to come home to a new appliance that wasn’t there a few days ago. I mean who doesn’t like new appliances?

 Well, unfortunately we can’t really afford to replace appliances every year or two. Economically, it just doesn’t make sense to even try to replace appliances every few years. So, what’s a girl to do? You said an appliance makeover? I was thinking the same exact thing. You see, an appliance makeover will allow you to have a new appliance (although not completely new but once the color changes you won’t even recognize your old appliance) without footing a new appliance bill. You can change out the color of your old appliance to a new color and make the old new. Well, at least new for you. Read more

18 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Larger

18 Ways to Make a Small Space Look LargerSmall living spaces don’t have to look, well, small. You can make your living space look larger by incorporating these 18 ideas into your living space.

 Color is important and bright colors will make the room appear larger. Neutral colors help make the space look wider. Also, window treatments should be the same color or close to the same color as the wall. This will help to avoid any contrasts and put less focus on the window treatment. Read more

How to Make Your Pictures into Huge Wall Art with Pennies

How to Make Your Pictures into Huge Wall Art with PenniesOK, so you have just moved into a new place and the walls are bare. More than likely he whole entire place is bare but once you get those boxes unloaded you will be able to fill in a lot of empty space. So, back to the bare walls… what to do… what to do? Well, you can fix up those walls with your own wall art. You can use your own pictures to make huge wall art and it will only cost you pennies. Read more

Use Your Corners Bedroom

Use Your Corners BedroomHave you ever noticed corners are always wasted space in a home? I mean they are pretty good for collecting dust, placing a lamp or providing a place for a broom to hang out in but not much anything else. It goes without saying that not only is the floor space wasted but so is the space higher up on the wall. It all goes unused.

Use Your Corners Bedroom Read more

Protect Your Interior During Rainy Days

Protect Your Interior from Rainy DaysRain soaked muddy shoes or clothes can make a mess in your house.  Even leaving these shoes at the entrance is unsightly. All the things we hate in our perfectly clean and tidy house. Houses with concrete tiles won’t see this as a problem, but it will definitely be for houses with lots and lots of carpets and hardwood floor.

Protect your interior during rainy days by having a special closet.  I call this a mud room, since my last house had a huge walk in closet that was the size of a small room.  Read more