Small Bedding Details for Creating a Space that Speaks

Small Bedding Details for Creating a Space that SpeaksA bedroom speaks volumes about the personality of your home, so it’s important to keep it clean, keep it you, and keep it interesting. Here are three details to keep in mind when shopping for bedding:

 Ruching – A sexy detail guaranteed to heat up the bedroom. Ruching is often seen in lingerie and is perfect for adding texture. You’ll commonly find these details in chiffon and satin materials. It’s a bolder statement that is sure to turn heads. Read more

Solar Lights for a Fraction

Solar Lights for a FractionSolar Lights for a Fraction

You’d be amazed by the treasured hidden in the dark recesses of the Dollar Store from party goods to beauties like this. You can make your own sconce inspired lights with a garden hook and a standalone lantern. Simply hook the hook through the lantern and you’re good to go. You could use hooks that drill into your fence or standing hooks which you can stick into the ground – both will give you a stunning effect. Just make sure your lantern is solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. Read more

DIY BookShelf

DIY BookShelfDIY BookShelf

Building a bookshelf is perhaps the simplest construction project you will ever accomplish.

 Step 1: Start by picking up some sturdy wood from your local homewares store. You want something thick and that will be easily to paint. Some stores will offer to cut your wood for free, so don’t forget to take a list of measurements with you. Try to gauge the size of your bookshelf by using your couch as your guideline. Your couch should be the largest thing in your living room, so if your bookshelf exceeds the size of your couch, we might have a problem. Read more

Wannabe Closet

Wannabe ClosetRefurbish your old bookcases and make them into a mini armoire or closet for rooms that have limited space. This is a fabulous suggestion for the nursery or toddler rooms which have less clothing. The clothes are also shorter so it’s easier to hang them one over the other. Another suggestion is to use your bookshelves as a place to store your shoe collection, handbags, makeup, etc. The possibilities are endless – and you were thinking of chucking this beauty?

 Wannabe Closet Read more

DIY Summer Project

DIY Summer ProjectDIY Summer Project

Create your own standing pots with some wood, using the planks as side panels. Simply attach to a base and stick your plan on top. You want to create something tall to make it stand out, so aim for something that reaches your hip or higher. We recommend the waist or below the bust. The most important aspect of this project is creating a base that is strong and flat. You want to ensure your plants don’t topple over, regardless of the weight, so design accordingly. If you’re still struggling, stick stones or weights at the bottom of your pot. Read more

Industrial Shower Head

Industrial Shower HeadIndustrial Shower Head

If you are looking for something new and interesting to put in your bathroom, try this shower head. The shower head provides full overhead coverage. The center stream sprays with the most pressure, while the legs of the shower head spray with smaller pressure but provide greater surface area coverage. In this way, shower head covers more surface area than conventional shower heads. But, that’s not the most interesting part about the shower head. When the shower is turned on, the streams of water flowing through the nozzle create the illusion of spider web threads! The head also looks as if it has eight ‘legs’ coming off of it, furthering the illusion of a spider. Read more

Romance in the Powder Room

Romance in the Powder RoomA luxurious bathroom is all the rave, and this is a marvelous example of how to achieve the same look without the same price tag.

 We love how the counter tops are kept clean of clutter, and the towels are neatly folded and presented onto a marble tray. It mimics that of a hotel bathroom. For a powder room you might want to consider substituting paper towels instead for your party guests.

 Romance in the Powder Room Read more

Front Porch DIY

Front Porch DIYFront Porch DIY

Want to add some extra seating on your patio? Instead of paying for overpriced furniture, make your own. Build a bench with the aid of some sturdy plywood, making sure the planks are wide and thick. Arrange them in a pleasing configuration – you can use this image for some inspiration – and then sand the wood down. You don’t want any rough spots sticking out and scratching you or your guests.

 After the bench has been sanded, it can now be either painted or stained. Wood stains keep the appearance of wood, but they make it lighter or darker. Paint, on the other hand, covers everything. Apply a thick even coat of paint and allow it to dry. If you see any patches then, when its dry, you can reapply the coat of paint. If you paint it while its still wet, then the paint would look uneven in one area. If you want the bench seat to shine, you can add a glossy finish. Varnish could also be used if you want the bench to avoid scratches and dents. Read more