Bedroom Design: Ideas For a Stylish and Modern Look

Bedroom Design


Since your bedroom is a place of rest, one of the most essential elements is choosing a versatile color scheme which makes it easier for you to pair fabrics and furniture. Key to this is ensuring clean lines, fresh and peaceful colors which create a soft and soothing bedroom design.  Follow the suggestions below and create a dream bedroom fit for royalty! Read more

Decorating the Dining Room Table | Must Read!

Decorating a Dining Room TableThe dining room table is often the heart of the home. This is where we come together as a family to discuss the events of the day, but it can also be the focal point of more elaborate celebrations.

Because of these varying purposes, choosing the table decorations can depend on the event, the number of people, and of course your budget. And what about in between meals when the table is not being used at all? Here are some unique and rather inexpensive ideas for decorating your dining room table. Read more

I’ve Got The Hippie Hippie Shakes | Hippie Themed Decor

hippie image

Do you yearn for a simpler time? Do you harbor the secret of your inner hippie? Well come out of hiding! Take just one room of your home and turn it into a hippie shrine. Express yourself without fear of what others will say. Incorporating hippie themed decor into your life is easier than you think!

Bring Nature Home

Hippies are all about nature. Bring it into your home with wall colors that resemble colors found in nature: bright reds of flowers, blues of the sky, yellows of the sun, or greens of the trees.

You can also bring nature into the room with do-it-yourself projects such as dream catchers and wind chimes made from bamboo or even trimmings from the tree outside. Read more