Top DIY Tips for Loft Decoration

Loft Design

Decorating a loft can be a bit of a challenge. The wide open spaces with expansive ceilings and lack of sufficient storage space can often leave us scratching our heads. A loft is not like a traditional apartment with individual doorways, lots of corners, and closets in every room. In many cases, the loft apartment is simply one, long interior space with very tall ceilings and enormous windows. It is a blank canvas ready to be transformed. Defining the individual areas for sleeping, dining, and conversation can be challenging but a great deal of fun. Let your creativity run free but follow a few basic guidelines. Read more

Burlap and Chevron Super Cute

Burlap and Chevron Super CuteWreaths aren’t just for Christmas time. Want a cute summer wreath for you front door? We’ll tell you how! Here’s what you’ll need:

1 wreath form

1 roll of chevron ribbon

1 roll of burlap ribbon

1 roll of twine

Optional: you can put other accessories on your wreath once the basics are done

Burlap and Chevron Super Cute

Let’s get started! Read more

Corner Shelves Great Use of Space

Corner Shelves Great Use of Space

When it comes to finding space in your home, it can often be a challenge. However, there are many creative ways to utilize all the space around you. Adding a shelf to an empty corner in your home can open many opportunities for storage.

 It can become just the place for all those books, knick knacks, and family photos that don’t have a perfect spot in your home quite yet, or it can be practical in a room, holding all the extra dishes for the dining room or serving as a home for your games in the family room.

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Child’s Room Idea – A Fort Under the Bed

Child’s Room Idea – A Fort Under the BedHere’s a great idea for any little boy or girl’s room! Who didn’t love forts when they were growing up? I still make them occasionally, but none of mine have ever looked so stylish! The color coordination is perfect, and the chandelier adds an elegant look.

 The colors in the room are perfectly feminine. Sky blue and various shades of pink make for a fun and relaxing environment. The colors are offset by the variety of patterns on the pillows and the curtains of the entrance to the fort. Read more

Light Your Pathway with Rocks Coated in Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Light Your Pathway with Rocks Coated in Glow-in-the-Dark PaintYou’re not afraid to go out at night. Why? Because you have glow-in-the-dark rocks to light your path. It might have sounded a little strange at first, but after you coated your sidewalk with the paint, you’re glad you did!

Here’s a great idea for a romantic and practical sidewalk decoration either for your own pleasure or for a party. Guests will be fascinated by your path-lights: “A glow in the dark sidewalk? How did you do that?” It’s a quick and simple fix, and you’ll be able to tell them how. Read more

The Magic Formula

The Magic FormulaThe other day, you were really looking forward to a nice hot shower. You were tired, maybe a little dirty, but mostly you were excited to let everything about the day go down the drain with the water. But when you stepped in and shut the curtain, you couldn’t enjoy it. Why? Because the first thing you saw when you stepped inside was a once white wall covered in nasty soap scum. Read more

Living Room with Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog

Living Room with Benjamin Moore Coastal FogYou come into your home from the bustle of the day. Maybe you had a hard day at work. Maybe traffic was horrendous and that bright red sports car cut you off. You were stuck in an office until lunch, but you had to eat with that obnoxious coworker. Meetings, paperwork, superficial conversation, and car horns. None of that seems to matter now as you close your door, stepping into the living room where the Benjamin Moor Coastal Fog paint greets you from the walls. Read more

With $10 Thirty-Minute Valance

With $10 Thirty-Minute ValanceEntering your kitchen, your eyes are drawn to the window. All the work you put into those valances paid off. You laugh; what work? It was easy! You gave your kitchen a face-life for $10 and 30 minutes of your time. How did you do this exactly?

All you need is some fabric, a curtain panel, a staple gun, Stitch Witchery/Heat n’ Bond, a ½ x 2” board, 1.5” “L” brackets, and an iron. They combine to make this deceptively sophisticated window covering. Read more