Carrot Easter Wreath by aDOORable Deco Wreaths

Carrot Easter Wreath by aDOORable Deco Wreaths on EtsyCarrot Easter Wreath by aDOORable Deco Wreaths

Want to know a unique craft idea? Well, you’ve came to the right place! Have you ever thought of a different decoration to put up on Easter? Say, a wreath perhaps? Aside from the traditional Easter eggs and bunnies, a wreath also can be used for decoration on Easter.

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Cute Towel Ring Hanger

Cute Towel Ring HangerCute Towel Ring Hanger

Are you tired of seeing those same old boring towel hangers at home? Well, I am too! Towel hangers can actually be enhanced or redecorated to your liking. You can even make one yourself! With a piece of wood, cut it to any length you want, then you can paint it a little shade darker to make it look vintage, or apply varnish to make it look fancy.

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Love The Guest Room Closet

Love The Guest Room ClosetLove The Guest Room Closet

Spice up your Guest Room with a Guest Room Closet! It’s a one of a kind idea of a laundry basket in a small linen closet for guests to put their dirty linens in and towel bars on the inside of the door to hang their used towels or new ones. Whenever guests visit our homes, they only have is their bags and clothes with them.

 They do not have any laundry basket wherever they go and travel. With this idea, they don’t have to pile their used clothes somewhere or put them somewhere in the bag, and it will use up a lot of space. All they have to do is put them in the laundry basket provided inside the linen closet, and guests will truly appreciate it! Read more

A Good Place for Wine

A Good Place for WineA Good Place for Wine

Did you ever wonder where’s the best place for Wines at home? or maybe you are redecorating your house and you just don’t know where to put them, to make them look fancy and away from danger. A good place for Wine can be anywhere, but wondering where you can place them Wines that will not take a lot of space and will protect it from kids or anyone who might accidentally knock it off can be quite a hassle.

 Don’t fret! I have the solution just for you. Get a wine rack, and hang it at the side of your kitchen cabinet, or on the wall. Away from the little ones’ reach. That way you can keep it from any danger and it also works as a decor. Read more

Ways to Display Your Flat Screen TV

Ways to Display Your Flat Screen TVWays to Display Your Flat Screen TV

A makeover that is one of a kind! To display a flat screen TV, yes, that is enticing. But what if we do a little makeover on how we display the flat screen TV?  Now, that would be amazing and one of a kind! We see a lot of flat screen TVs on most homes now, but they don’t usually have decors around them. Some do, but mostly rich people.

 You know what, you can do exactly just that, and it doesn’t have to cost you much. You can place your flat screen TV on top of your fireplace. You can enclose it in a wooden design just like the photo above to make it look classy vintage, and add some decorations around like a glass vase Ways to Display Your Flat Screen TV wrapped in twine with sticks in it, small artificial flower pot, or any vintage items you have at home. Another idea would be placing the flat screen TV inside a frame to make it look like a design on your wall. Read more

Popcorn Ceiling Turns Out So Cool Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Turns Out So Cool CeilingPopcorn Ceiling Turns Out So Cool Ceiling

Are your walls or ceilings having those so-called popcorn ceilings? Little bumps on the paint that you just can’t get rid of, except if you change the whole paint. But as of the moment, you can’t repaint the walls and ceiling yet so you want to cover that up.

 Great news! You can actually do so. With a little help from curtains! I am even doing the exact thing myself! See, our house just got renovated and the paint job isn’t done in the yet. What we did was cover the walls with curtains. And there are ways to make it seem fancy. Read more

DIY Tufted Headboard

DIY Tufted Headboard

Want to have a headboard just like this one? It makes your bed look fancy, yet very comfortable. You can even make one yourself! And I can show you how.

A Tufted Headboard. Tufted means to pass threads through the layers of (a quilt, mattress, or upholstery), securing the thread ends with a knot or button. Take a look at those celebrity homes and photos of bedrooms that you can see on TV and magazines, headboards are a huge thing! Read more



Want to have your own mini bar at home? It’s easy! Whenever you want to have your friends over, when you talk about the latest happenings in your life, you want something to drink and you prefer to have a glass of wine or cocktails for women, you can do so! And if ever you have a party at home, you can wow your guests with your mini bar, and serve wines and cocktails to them. Now, that would be awesome!

 To have your own mini bar, you can get a little cabinet that you’re not using anymore. It could be bigger too, It depends on what you prefer. First off, clean the cabinet then repaint it to whatever color you want. A suggestion though, Black DIY Bar would be perfect for a mini bar. You can get the hinges off the cabinet, or you can choose to keep them intact.

 You can also choose to keep one side on, one side off. On the open side, you can display your wines, so it would be easier to see them. The closed part, you can store your shot glasses DIY Bar as well as your wine glasses DIY Bar . On top of the cabinet, you can make a hole for where you can place your bucket DIY Bar

for a bottle of wine.

There are a lot of things that you can do with your mini bar. You can even decorate the top part of the bar. You can put photos or tiles, what ever you can think of. Just be creative!

DIY Picture Frames

DIY Picture FramesDIY Picture Frames

Have a one of a kind Picture Frame! Here’s what you will do: If you have old picture frames at home that is not being used, you can redecorate them to make them more unique. You can either paint DIY Picture Frames them and do some designs. It’s crafty and can save you a lot of bucks from buying new frames.

 An example is a Chevron design Picture Frame. Chevron’s design is the horizontal zigzag. Now, we can design the frame with that, with any color you want. The popular one is white and turkish blue, another is black and white. I personally was a fan of the Chevron design since last year. It was popular around tumblr and I used it as a background on my online sites. Another idea for designing the Picture Frame are decals DIY Picture Frames. Read more

Fruit Slide

fruit-slide-better-then-a-bowl-sitting-on-the-counterInstead of wasting valuable counterspace on a fruit bowl, find a creative or atsy alternative such as this sliding fruit slide!


There is nothing wrong with bowls, Oh no, there isn’t. It’s a very useful container for fruits. Did you ever heard about a container that makes your fruits slide? Ha! It’s a more convenient way of holding fruits, as well as serving them!

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