Bottled Art: What you can do with a wine bottle

Photo Credit: Etsy
Photo Credit: Etsy


   “Wine is sunlight held together by water..”  -Galileo Gallilei

Wine is amazing, but the art that can come from it is beautiful. I’m not talking about making art while drinking (although that would be interesting). I’m talking about the things you can make from your used wine bottle. There are so many variations of wine bottle art that I wouldn’t be able to list them all but here are a few of my favorites.

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Copper, Copper and more Copper!

copper kitchen
Photo Credit: Decor Pad

How many of you have actually thought of copper in your home? I didn’t. I only learned about it when my best friend sent me a picture of it on facebook as a copper sink. I had never given it much thought at all but copper in the home actually looks very elegant and beautiful! So, what can you turn into copper? Just about everything actually! Here’s what you need to know if you become a copper junkie and want everything you touch to turn to copper. Read more

Tea Towels: What you need to know

tea towels
Photo Credits: Kitchen Linens Picture

How many of you really know what a tea towel is? What about how they’re used? Let’s go back in time, all the way back to the 18th century in Victorian England. Tea towels are used by the ladies of the house who loved to polish and clean their tea sets and fine china. They didn’t trust the servants because they felt their china and delicate dishware would be broken or dropped. They didn’t trust it in the hands of their supposedly clumsy servants. So, tea towels became popular then once the ladies of the house got done and had nothing more to do, they would embroider their towels so they would have something to pass down to through the generations. Want to know more about these lovely creations? Continue reading to find out more about these tea towels and to get a list of ways you can use them other than polishing your tea sets! Read more

The 2015 Trendy Home Report


2015 Trendy Homes
“Honeycomb Wallpaper” Photo Credits: Babble

Many people ask, “What will be in this year? What should I be looking for? What will look wonderful in my home?” A lot of people actually wait to buy new furniture and decor until they get that report of what’s hot and what’s not. Well, after doing extensive research and looking around, I have an idea of what’s going to be popular this year. What could possibly be on the trendy home list for 2015? Continue reading to find out!

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Pulling Together the Perfect Porch

A Southern Porch
Photo Credits: Follow Pics

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned porch in the Springtime and Summer. During the Summer you’ll probably spend long nights drinking lemonade or tea while swinging on a porch swing or in a hammock reading a good book. Either way, your porch says alot about you and your home. Its a good reflection on what’s actually inside the home. Do you feel like your porch reflects your home? Or, do you think it could use some work? Continue reading if you’d love to find out how to pull together the perfect porch. Read more

Vacuum in Style – Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews
Photo Credit: Illustration Source

In my living room I have a dark green rug, it was my mother’s and probably even her mothers. It goes nicely with our furniture and the space but there’s one problem. I am CONSTANTLY vacuuming that rug. When my friends and family call and say they’re coming over I panic and run straight to the closet to grab the vacuum. Then I run into another even more aggravating problem. My vacuum was from 1980 and literally about 6 huge parts to put together. By the time I get the vacuum together, my friends are already driving up.  My quest for a better vacuum cleaner lead to some serious research.  So, here are the best vacuum cleaner reviews that came out of my research to save you the trouble, and these should get you vacuuming in style!   After all, what’s the point in taking the trouble to decorate your home immaculately, if the housekeeping isn’t up to par?  Good housekeeping is vital to good home decor!

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Chalkboard Paint Decor Ideas!

Chalkboard Paint
Photo Credit:

Chalkboard paint has begun to be a household “thing”. I even have it in my own home as a memo board. It’s easy to get and easy to use. All you really need is motivation, the chalkboard paint, a brush and maybe even a picture frame in your favorite color to place around it. But don’t worry about going anywhere else to learn about any of this because I have everything you need to know about chalkboard paint along with some ideas of how to use it!  Read more

Living Large in a Tiny Home

Tiny HomesWhat do you think of living in a home that’s less than 300 sq. ft? Many people would rather not think about living that close together or if you’re single you may not want to think about living in a home that small. This is one thing in America that is raging across the states. People are starting to downsize and go from their large homes that are just too big down to these tiny homes that are just perfect for a single person, couple or small family. They can even be customized to fit your style, preferences and family!  Read more

Wall Decor To Spice Up Your Room!

modern wall decor
Photo Credit: Simple Shapes

Your walls deserve something more than just a slap of paint, right? Well, here are just a few products that can totally alter the way your room looks. Wall decor is an important aspect in a room because it’s one of the many elements that pulls a room together.  Below are some of our favorite pieces of wall decor.  It can pull a room together and give it a more elegant, artsy look.  You can decide which is best for your style:

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