Leaf Art: Things to do when the leaves fall

mason jar leaf
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I was sitting under my tiny patio this morning surrounded by my wind chimes, my plants and my sweet fur-child, Bella Renai when I saw a few leaves falling from the row of trees in my backyard. Pictures of me raking leaves up flashed through my mind. When I was little, I spent many Fall afternoons helping my grandparents rake leaves then me and my sister and cousins would all run and jump into the pile of leaves. Then, after the fun was over what happened to the leaves? They’d be taken to a burn pile or thrown into the woods. So, what could you do this year to decorate your home instead of throwing them away? Here’s a few ideas worth checking out.

Leaf Bowl

A leaf bowl is one of the ideas you can try. You can’t of course put anything inside it because it may break. But these bowls will look lovely on a coffee table or shelf.

  1. Blow up a balloon first.
  2. Take mod-podge and mix it with water in a bowl. Make sure it’s almost a sticky, not watery substance.
  3.  Place leaves around the balloon and be sure that they’re connecting so it makes a bowl shape.
  4. Using a paintbrush, paint mod-podge around the balloon on the leaves and where they connect together.
  5. Let it dry for a few hours and go outside and play in the rest of the leaves.
  6. Once the balloon has either deflated or the mod-podge has dried, it is done. If the balloon hasn’t deflated but the mod-podge is dry, then pop the balloon carefully. You may have to pop the bottom in or fix it so it will stand straight up.
  7. Place it on a coffee table or shelf and enjoy the beauty that you just created from a leaf!

Pressing Leaves:

Pressed Leaves
Photo Credits: Yikes Money

I’ve been pressing leaves for awhile now and this is how I do it. I have an old antique journal that has pages of almost like watercolor paper but it’s a little softer, I take my leaves and flowers and whatever else I want to keep and slide it into a spot between two pages. The best part about this is that even years later they’ll have their colors. They may be dried but they’ll have their colors. I don’t tape them down or anything but that’s mainly because I never show it off or anything. But if you want to tape them or even have a display sheet over them that will be fine too.

Another craft you can do for your home is take some leaves and get 2 or 3 nice picture frames. Place your leaves in the frames and be sure to put the glass or clear plastic sheet over the leaves. Not only will this simple project decorate your home for Fall but it will also press any leaves for you. It’s like effortless decorating! Also, if you need help figuring out how to hang the frames click here.

Leaf Jar:

Jars are a Southern staple and leaf jars are a Fall staple. This is something that you just have to have in your home this Fall. Here’s how you can make one:

  • Mod-Podge
  • Leaves
  • Sponge brush or regular paintbrush
  • Jar
  1. Wash any dust or dirt off the jar.
  2. Begin with one leaf at a time, that’s really the best way to do this. Place that single leaf on the jar and generously apply the mod-podge. It will apply the color of glue but once it dries it is a smooth clear, just be sure that you smooth it out and paint over the entire leaf.
  3. Do that with the rest of the leaves until the entire jar is covered with the leaves.
  4. If you wish to take it up a notch then take some twine and tie it around the mouth of the jar.
  5. After that, place a candle or tea light candle inside and enjoy your newest decoration!

Here’s a video with a few neat facts about Fall along with some crafts. What kind of things do you do with your fallen leaves? Ever create any leaf art?  Tell me what you do in the comment section below, I’d love to hear!



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