Preserving your pumpkins

pumpkin preserving
Photo Credits: DIY Natural

Your home deserves pumpkins this Fall. It NEEDS pumpkins! But how can you get them to last longer than just September and October? There’s a special secret to preserving pumpkins. By doing it, your pumpkins will last MONTHS, not just one or two either, we are talking 5 or 6 months! So what is this magical little secret to keeping beautiful pumpkins for longer? You’ll have to continue reading to find out, you didn’t really think I’d give away my best trick before making you read, did you?

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Leaf Art: Things to do when the leaves fall

mason jar leaf
Photo Credit: ShoreWest

I was sitting under my tiny patio this morning surrounded by my wind chimes, my plants and my sweet fur-child, Bella Renai when I saw a few leaves falling from the row of trees in my backyard. Pictures of me raking leaves up flashed through my mind. When I was little, I spent many Fall afternoons helping my grandparents rake leaves then me and my sister and cousins would all run and jump into the pile of leaves. Then, after the fun was over what happened to the leaves? They’d be taken to a burn pile or thrown into the woods. So, what could you do this year to decorate your home instead of throwing them away? Here’s a few ideas worth checking out.

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Fall Scents: Aroma Your Guests Will Love!

fall smells
Photo Credit: LushWineMix

When people walk into your home, what do they notice first? Do they notice the furniture? The flooring? Or how about the smell? Ninety-five percent of the time, the first thing people will notice when walking into your home is the smell of your home. Whether it’s good or bad, they’ll notice.

So what should you do to fix the smell?

You could go buy some air freshener from the store and mask the smell, but why do that when you can do something more natural? Here are some ideas to make your home smell like Fall.

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