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I always tell my friends and family that I can rock any home whether it be a tiny studio or a three story mansion. Well today I started looking at studio apartments and the idea of living in such a small space would make some cringe but I feel like it would be an adventure. Awhile back I had an apartment complex manager contact me asking for me to redesign the layout of their apartments to appeal to more college students. On the tour of the complex I was informed that half of the apartments were studios and the other half were one bedroom apartments. So after drawing a rough sketch and taking measurements I went back to the office and started designing. If you’re only option is studio apartment living, then there are a few things that will help you.

Five Tips that will save you in a studio:

  1. White and other light colors are key. White is a color that will create an illusion of space. It will open up a small apartment. Light colors are perfect for small areas. One idea is that you could use as much white as possible and add some splashes of bright or bold colors. Bold color splashes on a pure white slate will add a small bit of drama into the mix of peace and tranquility.
  2. Dividers. Whether you use an actual dividing screen, chest of drawers, or a curtain to divide areas in the apartment, it is important to have space that is private. Especially if it is not just you in the apartment. Most of the people in studios will break up the rooms around the bed to create a quasi bedroom feel.   You can do this by putting a curtain in between the bed and another area or canopying the bed with a curtain. Another idea that is popular is putting a chest of drawers at the end of the bed which can be used as a display for decor or photos and it can also be used for storing away clothes or anything else you need to hide.
  3. Under bed storage. Storage can be slim in a studio. It can be a big issue that would send most homeowners or renters running for the hills. But you don’t have to run. If you need to put something into storage for awhile then consider using the vacuum sealed bags. But if you’re placing something away just for a day or two or just to hide it while you have guests then consider using long storage boxes with wheels on bottom, you can slide them out from under the bed and have everything you need in reach.
  4. Use all your space, but don’t clutter. You can use ladders as a good storage. You can place it in the bathroom to hold rags and towels. You can even put it behind the door to take up that empty space. You can use chairs or ottomans that can be used as storage so you can use every inch of space that you possibly can.
  5. In the kitchen, take advantage of wall storage. Place racks or extra open shelves on the walls and place as much as you can like spices and herbs and also use the empty space above the cabinets if you have any.

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Take a tour:

Want to take a quick tour through a New York apartment? Here’s a great tour of a real New York apartment.

Do you live in a studio? Have any tips, advice or hacks that you’d like to share? Comment them below!


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  • September 18, 2016 at 5:51 am

    Love your site. Love your articles/ideas. The tour of the Brooklyn studio is precious. And the video links are fun. Thanks for collecting so much!

    • September 18, 2016 at 5:53 am

      Okay. I might have this in reverse. Great Fall Wreath, great articles and ideas. Thanks!


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