A simple wreath to begin the Fall


fall sign idea
Photo Credits: sugar pie farmhouse

Before we all know it Fall will be here and we will be pulling out our Fall and Winter clothing and changing out our decor. This is my favorite time of the year. Why? The leaves start changing, the pumpkins begin coming out and the bonfires are where we will spend our time on those cool Autumn nights. This Fall you can expect to read about plenty of Fall decor, more Autumn DIYs, and plenty of new Fall decor reviews and even more! Just be sure to stick around and read plenty of our posts. Today, I am going to start off the Fall posts with a BANG.

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Studio Apartment Living

apartment studio
Photo Credit: ihomewatch

I always tell my friends and family that I can rock any home whether it be a tiny studio or a three story mansion. Well today I started looking at studio apartments and the idea of living in such a small space would make some cringe but I feel like it would be an adventure. Awhile back I had an apartment complex manager contact me asking for me to redesign the layout of their apartments to appeal to more college students. On the tour of the complex I was informed that half of the apartments were studios and the other half were one bedroom apartments. So after drawing a rough sketch and taking measurements I went back to the office and started designing. If you’re only option is studio apartment living, then there are a few things that will help you.

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How to make a dorm room feel like home

college dorm
Photo Credits: Pinterest

College is a new world. It’s a place where you’ll learn, eat, sleep and wake up then do it all again. You’ll be spending 95% of your time on campus and possibly 40% inside your dorm room, but while you’re there you’ll want it to feel like your home, right? I mean you leave your home that you’re so ¬†used to and go to a place where their idea of a bed is a “jail bed”. Some have stone walls and one window, it could possibly feel like jail. But I’m here to help you create the ultimate dorm room experience.

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