Creating The Perfect Backyard Oasis This Summer

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Summer is all about spending time with family and friends outdoors and relaxing. It’s about making new memories and grilling out, inviting everyone over and joking around a bonfire or firepit. Whatever you do during the Summer you’ll want to be sure that your backyard oasis can handle the fun & of course your neighbors. Here’s some things you can purchase to create the perfect backyard design for the Summer. The Summer is yours so enjoy it and own it!

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  • Hammocks. Hammocks are simply relaxing. Picture this, you’re laying in a hammock, on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas and listening to the waves come on the shore. Perfection right? Well imagine being in your backyard in a hammock and daydreaming of being on the beach. Even better right?



  • Storage. Outdoor storage is a must! Stormy nights will be killer on your patio cushions. So you’ll need to have a place to hide them from the elements until its time for guests to come over. It’s also good if you have things you don’t want broken if guests with young children come over.



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  • Seating. In every outdoor area seating is a must! You’d never invite your guests to see your house and have them sit on the floor so why would you invite them over for a cook-out and not have seating? The thing about most outdoor seating is that it’s made for the outdoors so no worrying about whether it will hold up in the elements.



  • Lighting. Lighting is another must have for an outdoor area. You need lighting to see where you’re going of course but another good reason to buy some romantic lighting is to set the mood for a romantic evening by the pool. Lighting is extremely important and personally, my favorite is the lightbulb string lights. They have an industrial but beachy look to them.



  • Cooking. What is a backyard party without grilled foods? Imagine this, a table full of grilled kabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies. But now imagine your grill filled with all the goodies! Now that sounds amazing to me! Be sure to treat your family and friends to some good cooking done on your brand new grill!



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  • Fun Stuff! This is a need to have if you know you or your friends have kids, teens or even if you’re a kid at heart. You can have a little fun while drinking lemonade and watching the kids play or jump on in and join them! The backyard is a place to have fun and enjoy your life so get the fun stuff then invite everyone over!



  • Fireplaces. You may say, “Why would we need  fireplace on a Summer night?” Trust me, you will. You’ll be lounging around laughing with friends when all of a sudden the wind starts blowing and after a few minutes you’re freezing. But why would you go inside? You can just get a fireplace and have it right there!



Backyard Ideas
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  • Decor. Last but not least on my list is decor. I love outdoor decor, it brings everything in the backyard together and sets everything off. Your guests will be more relaxed and it will also give it whatever feel that you want whether you want guests to think they’re at a beach or a suburb. Here’s a few things that I would honestly have in my own backyard.



Here’s a couple videos for DIY backyard projects that you should definitely try out to make your Summer backyard oasis just that much better!


 Do you have any suggestions on how to get a backyard oasis this Summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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