Tankless Water Heaters 101: Find the best choices for 2015!

Photo Credits: Remodelista
Photo Credits: Remodelista

When I first heard about tankless water heaters I went, “No way. Is this for real? Is this real life?” I was clueless when it came to water heaters. But being a home designer, I needed to learn about this space saving solution that would be perfect for small apartments, small homes and for anyone that wants an energy efficient solution to heat their water. Point is, I had to check this out. So I did a full investigation on these wonderful little contraptions. Here are some of the highly rated tankless water heaters. Read more

Bottled Art: What you can do with a wine bottle

Photo Credit: Etsy
Photo Credit: Etsy


   “Wine is sunlight held together by water..”  -Galileo Gallilei

Wine is amazing, but the art that can come from it is beautiful. I’m not talking about making art while drinking (although that would be interesting). I’m talking about the things you can make from your used wine bottle. There are so many variations of wine bottle art that I wouldn’t be able to list them all but here are a few of my favorites.

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Copper, Copper and more Copper!

copper kitchen
Photo Credit: Decor Pad

How many of you have actually thought of copper in your home? I didn’t. I only learned about it when my best friend sent me a picture of it on facebook as a copper sink. I had never given it much thought at all but copper in the home actually looks very elegant and beautiful! So, what can you turn into copper? Just about everything actually! Here’s what you need to know if you become a copper junkie and want everything you touch to turn to copper. Read more