Tea Towels: What you need to know

tea towels
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How many of you really know what a tea towel is? What about how they’re used? Let’s go back in time, all the way back to the 18th century in Victorian England. Tea towels are used by the ladies of the house who loved to polish and clean their tea sets and fine china. They didn’t trust the servants because they felt their china and delicate dishware would be broken or dropped. They didn’t trust it in the hands of their supposedly clumsy servants. So, tea towels became popular then once the ladies of the house got done and had nothing more to do, they would embroider their towels so they would have something to pass down to through the generations. Want to know more about these lovely creations? Continue reading to find out more about these tea towels and to get a list of ways you can use them other than polishing your tea sets!

What is a tea towel?

Some people confuse the tea towel with the dish rag. A tea towel is kept spotlessly clean, because it is used on freshly washed dishes and as a cover for food intended for consumption. When the tea towel becomes damp, it is hung up to dry, and it will also be periodically washed for better sanitation. A dish rag, on the other hand, is a small rag used to wash dishes and wipe down counters. Some people prefer dish rags to sponges, since they can be frequently washed to cut down on bacteria.

What are the uses for a tea towel?

Here’s just a few of the ways you can use a tea towel, if you have any other ways to use them not listed then be sure to write them in the comment section below! I’d love to hear how other people use theirs!

  • Line a serving basket
  • Cover baked goods like rolls or cookies
  • Napkins or place mats
  • Place between pots or pans when storing
  • Dry & Store salad greens
  • Drying dishes
  • Pot holder
  • Alternative to plastic wrap
  • Wrap a wine bottle
  • Place it under a bowl to keep it still
  • Use it as an apron
  • Line shelves
  • Sew throw pillows
  • Wrap A gift

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Now that you know all about tea towels, be sure to buy some up above and use some of my suggestions as to how you can use them. Do you have anything special that you use yours for? Write it in the comments below!


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