The 2015 Trendy Home Report


2015 Trendy Homes
“Honeycomb Wallpaper” Photo Credits: Babble

Many people ask, “What will be in this year? What should I be looking for? What will look wonderful in my home?” A lot of people actually wait to buy new furniture and decor until they get that report of what’s hot and what’s not. Well, after doing extensive research and looking around, I have an idea of what’s going to be popular this year. What could possibly be on the trendy home list for 2015? Continue reading to find out!

Trends that I forecast to be BIG:

  1. Word in the design studio is that oversized art is going to be in, this is good news for those of you who can’t seem to perfect that gallery wall full of your dog photos (Guilty. Ha! I love my dog!). Now you can just have one huge picture of your dog!
  2. Which reminds me, animal photos are going to be in, the quirky ones. Those will be fun on any wall. Basically, you can’t be so uptight when it comes to your wall hangings this year! Have fun with them! You can even do what I do. Get your pet and take a fun little photo shoot with them then have the photos framed! It shows personality and it’s cute!
  3. So, what’s next on my forecast? Of course my favorite of them all! Oversized terraniums. What’s that? Basically an oversized greenhouse in a vase form. You can grow plants inside, create a mini garden, whatever you’d like! It’s all about having fun and creating something beautiful!
  4. Speaking of having fun with it, you know how women can put eyeliner or mascara and it draws attention to her eyes? Same with windows! “What..?” That’s right. Painting the window trims black will draw attention to them. This is especially great if you have an amazing view!
  5. But, of course one thing I kept noticing was that people were going crazy for bold blues! I’m not one for bold colors, but in small doses it looks great! Maybe you could paint the back of a bookshelf as a weekend project!
  6. If you’re not one for bold colors, then check out the greige possibilities! Greige goes with literally everything. Can you even begin to call out colors it doesn’t go with? Greige is my favorite color and looks clean, elegant and very classy!
  7. Once you’ve painted your walls, add some texture to your rooms by adding some rugs, and while I’m on the subject of rugs, the oriental rugs are beginning to get very popular! They pull together a space very quickly and easily!
  8. Tired of curtains? Take them things down! Go without the curtains or blinds. In your kitchen, leave those windows bare and let them sun roll on in! It’ll make your room brighter and make everything seem to pop more!
  9. Do you like the industrial look? Well statement lights will be your best friend! Statement lights will be very popular this year, I can just feel it!
  10. I saved my favorite for last! Honeycomb. Yes, honeycomb. I genuinely feel in my heart and soul that this will become as popular (or even more popular) than chevron. Honeycomb is so elegant! It’s so clean and wow! Words can’t even describe it! Honeycomb is the next big thing! Chevron is out, Honeycomb in! Bring on the bees!

What trends to say bye to:

  1. Chevron. Chevron is number one on my list. Why? Because chevron was overused in 2014. It became stale. When people like me discovered honeycomb designs the chevron was immediately gone! Sorry!
  2. Corals, teals and purple. This is on the list because corals,teals and purples just have to go. I know, I’m sad to see this one go too.. I have a bed accented in teal and that will be hard to part with. But I may just have to keep it and forget about this rule.
  3. Taxidermy. Please.Please. PLEASE. Leave the taxidermy stuff for the cabins and lodges! I just do not care for the antlers on the dining room wall.
  4. Gallery Walls. They’re cute BUT it’s time to move on to 2015!


Want to get a head start?

Here’s some links for you to start your 2015 trendy decor shopping! Buy whatever you’d like and be sure to proudly display them! Hope this helps you out with your shopping! I’ve included some art, terraniums, rugs, and some adorable animal pictures. Be sure to click on the images below to learn more about them!




Videos for 2015:

In this video, Lynda Reeves and Suzanne Dimma describe their favorite styles and trends that they feel will be popular, and honestly, I fully agree with everything they say! I started watching and I was hooked within the first couple seconds. These styles are just so fabulous and they cover a wide range of styles that will cover almost every personality with wonderful blends in styles! The “modern farmhouse” is one style that I see becoming big this year. It blends a country farmhouse style with the big city industrial style to create a beautiful blend that will make anyone feel welcome to go to that house.


If that’s not enough trendy decor for you then check out this video about color trends that will be popular this year. I personally feel that this will be the year of natural colors with bold pops. Why? Because so many people choose to have naturals and when they see the bold colors of course they’ll want to test them out a little so thus we have natural colors with bold pops.

So there you have it, the 2015 trendy home report. You can take my thoughts and words and use them and run with it or wait until the trends start happening. But either way, I personally feel that these trends will be happening this year so be ready and at the end of the year we will look back and see how right or wrong I was. Until then, get ready for this trendy year!


Do you have any predictions as to what the trends this year will be? Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know your thoughts about what makes a trendy home!




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