Pulling Together the Perfect Porch

A Southern Porch
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There’s nothing like a good old fashioned porch in the Springtime and Summer. During the Summer you’ll probably spend long nights drinking lemonade or tea while swinging on a porch swing or in a hammock reading a good book. Either way, your porch says alot about you and your home. Its a good reflection on what’s actually inside the home. Do you feel like your porch reflects your home? Or, do you think it could use some work? Continue reading if you’d love to find out how to pull together the perfect porch.

 How can I get the perfect porch?

What is the perfect porch defined as in your mind? Every person wants something different from their porch. Some people want a place for family and friends to sit and rock in chairs and other people want a place fit for relaxing complete with a hammock and porch swing. I like a mix of both. That thin line where they meet is what I want for my porch. So how do you get that perfect porch?

  1. Start by deep cleaning off the porch (maybe even pressure washing it if you are able). This is the best time to do any repairs. Also, if you plan on painting consider your colors on the home. You don’t want your house and porch to look like it was obviously fixed later in time. A very popular color to choose for the porch ceilings is “Haint Blue” which down South is said to ward off ghosts. It’s said that the ghosts can’t cross over water. Which although it is just a myth, the color is simply GORGEOUS! Not to mention it looks great on ceilings and doors!
    "Haint Blue Ceiling" Photo Credits: Southern Living
    “Haint Blue Ceiling”
    Photo Credits: Southern Living
  2. Once you’ve done the cleaning, repairing and painting you’re ready to place in furniture. Porch furniture is all about color and fabric. What do I mean? Your porch will “pop” with colors that are similar and matching to the colors of your home. But if you’re a bold person then you can try pops of color. (I’m a very “matchy” person so I prefer for my things to look similar). You can find plenty of different fabrics and designs in cushions and pillows at stores that provide outdoor furniture. While you’re at it, you may also want to find a throw or quilt that will come in handy during chilly Summer nights. When shopping for furniture you may think, “What is something that will look nice and have a long “life”? My favorite type of porch furniture is wicker. I absolutely melt over white wicker furniture and bright cushions! Another kind that will withstand time is metal furniture. One more thing about furniture! I recommend getting a porch swing and/or small hammock, it can make your porch just that more relaxing and enjoyable.
  3. Lighting is next on the list. Update your porch lighting. There’s an endless amount of beautiful porch lighting in this world just waiting for you to discover it! Lighting can make your porch come to life at night, you don’t want it to be too overpowering and bright but just bright enough that it creates a nice ambiance around the porch at nighttime.
  4. This last one is totally up to you, but a nice touch to any porch is plants. You can have hanging plants which won’t take up any space, small potted plants which will be taking up a small bit of space or my favorite, long planters. Although they take up the most space they will also be fun and easier during season. You can grow a variety of herbs in them (like I do) or you can plant a variety of flowers then when you go to water you don’t have to go to several locations on the porch just to that one planter. But it does have more space for plants.
  5. Porch with garden
    Photo Credits: Southern Living

What if I don’t have a porch at all?

Some people don’t have porches at all. If you live in an apartment you may have a balcony with a small space. Don’t think that just because you have a small space that it doesn’t have potential. That’s a mistake many renters make. So how can you turn a small space into a beautiful one? It’s easy and simple. Here’s some things you can buy that will bring a space together instantly!

  • A small table and chairs (A Bistro Set is perfect for any look!)
  • Some small potted plants or hanging baskets for plants
  • A lantern or outdoor light

Just arrange those few easy-to-get items and your area will look beautiful yet not crowded and you’ll have room to breathe with the simplicity of an outdoor area.

Real Life Re-model:

Awhile back at my mother’s house we did a “back porch remodel”. We pressure washed the siding, brick and cleaned off the concrete on the porch. We have some old faded metal chairs and table which we spray painted the original black. Then we got some new cushions that have black and white designs on them and some teal outdoor pillows from Kirkland’s. We already had some white planters which we repainted and planted new flowers in.  It costed us under $100 and was easy to do and a quick fix to our old faded porch.  So next time you feel like your porch is just getting old and drab just start doing small tiny fixes and it will soon be your own outdoor masterpiece!

Haven’t had enough of porch ideas? Check out these videos for some ideas and a remodel!

Want some of the things in this article to decorate your porch and more?? Look no further! Click on the images below.

These are just a few things to help you get started with your new porch, don’t waste any time! Get your porch ready for the Summer.  Do you have anything on your porch that you feel just “makes it”? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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