Living Large in a Tiny Home

Tiny HomesWhat do you think of living in a home that’s less than 300 sq. ft? Many people would rather not think about living that close together or if you’re single you may not want to think about living in a home that small. This is one thing in America that is raging across the states. People are starting to downsize and go from their large homes that are just too big down to these tiny homes that are just perfect for a single person, couple or small family. They can even be customized to fit your style, preferences and family! 

Think you could live in a tiny home?

Here’s some things to consider before selling all your things and moving into a small home.

  • Personal space. Your personal space will be limited…greatly! You will go from a normal size home to “tent size” home. Will you be able to handle having your guests and spouse literally right next to you all the time?
  • Less money spent. You won’t have to spend as much money buying useless furniture to fill up extra space. Not to mention you won’t have to spend as much on utility bills.
  • Entertaining. Although you could entertain outdoors, it will be virtually impossible to inside the home.
  • Freedom to travel. Most tiny homes can be moved from place to place.
  • Less to clean. With less space to clean, you have more time to spend in nature.

 What can a tiny house teach you?

People who have lived in tiny homes say that the homes taught them something, here’s some things that tiny homes have taught their occupants.

  1. Downsize. There’s something about having to sell everything you don’t need and moving to a small home that just has this whimsical feel to it!
  2. You’ll either become closer or further from your loved ones. Living in a small space with either bring you together or tear you apart, I think this one is pretty self explanatory.
  3. It can teach you to focus more on the natural world around you. When you have a small home and need to get out you feel more closer to nature, which is something that will happen with a tiny home. You’ll end up feeling closer with nature when you have to go outside to relax and just get out of the house.


Here’s some help with building and living in tiny homes:

I know that some people enjoy hardcopies more than the internet copy so here’s some links to some of my favorite books about tiny homes that you can check out!

Wanna see what it looks like for someone to live in a tiny home?

Buzzfeed did a video about two couples and a single man who decided to “live” in a tiny home on separate nights. The result is a hilarious video that will show how it’ll be to live in a tiny home.

So after watching that and reading everything here, do you think you could live in a tiny home? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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