Wall Decor To Spice Up Your Room!

modern wall decor
Photo Credit: Simple Shapes

Your walls deserve something more than just a slap of paint, right? Well, here are just a few products that can totally alter the way your room looks. Wall decor is an important aspect in a room because it’s one of the many elements that pulls a room together.  Below are some of our favorite pieces of wall decor.  It can pull a room together and give it a more elegant, artsy look.  You can decide which is best for your style:

This wall decor is simply beautiful and will fill that awkward space about your doorway. It is an olive branch doorway decor and will add an elegant yet Tuscany touch to any room. This will look especially good in Italian themed rooms.

Maybe it’s because I love the Eclectic Boho look but I absolutely love this! The small details of the tree along with the small birds in the tree, wow! This is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!  So, there’s a different story behind this piece. This intricate unique Tree of Life is handmade from recycled oil drums in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti by the artist Carlos Brutus.

Do you have more of a woodsy style? Then this is for you! This carefully detailed bear walking through the night woods would be a wonderful addition to a lake house, cabin or man cave. With its steel construction it can be also placed outside in your yard!

The Tree of Life artwork will give any room a feeling of new life. It’s beautiful colored leaves will add a touch of extravagance to any room. It adds an expensive feel to your walls and will be an eye pleaser paired with a neutral colored room and neutral furniture that has pops of natural colors in throws and pillows.

With a coastal themed room, these sailboats will make you feel right at the beach! But if your coastal room is outdoors then these boats can sail right on out there too! If your style is flowy and beachy then this will go perfectly  with your decor! They will look best with either nautical themed furniture or white furniture.

This wall hanging would also look good in a beach styled home, or on a deck, and even in a hippie styled home! The moon, stars and sun bring on a feeling of  peace and happiness. It will make you feel at peace in your home and give a feeling of freedom. If you have a free spirit then this may just be for you!

Love coffee? Or maybe your coffee shop kitchen? This will make you smile then, this coffee lover decor is simply delightful. Just like your coffee! This will go wonderful with cocoa colored furniture and a dark hipster coffee shop vibe. It will look best against a light brown or tan wall and will make you crave coffee everytime you go to the kitchen.

Do you love a bold feel to your room? This peacock will provide. This wall decor has rich, bold colors and withh brighten up your room when paired with lighter colors or give a romantic feel when paired with darker colors. The colors of this bird will rock any home especially a eclectic boho house.

They will add a touch of simplicity to your home but won’t take away from it.


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