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Whether it’s vintage, antique, chipped, cracked, distressed or outdated floral, people like me love this style! We love old shabby looking furniture that looks like it may have a history behind it. We love the old feeling that some furniture has! We are drawn to the historical feel that is simple yet so beautiful. It reminds us of a simpler time where things were just easier. Shabby chic furniture is beautiful and definitely one of my favorite styles. Here are some ways you can get this shabby chic look in your home:

What to do to get this style:

  1.  Invest in some vintage pieces that are stylish but have a tad bit of a rough side, maybe distressed or gracefully chipped. I know that gracefully chipped is an odd way to put it but it is legit. Gracefully chipped is like saying someone has aged gracefully. It is rough but beautiful.
  2. Paint your walls a light pastel color. Pastels are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! People are always asking me what color they should paint their walls and I automatically say either a pastel or neutral color.  Both colors go well with almost any style.
  3. Look for LIGHTLY worn linens in secondhand or thrift stores. Also, lace and thin stuff is what you should look at when searching through the thrift stores.
  4. Floors can be white wooden with pretty rugs on top. It’s simple but believe me, that simple thing can make a lovely impact on your home!
  5. Get an old iron headboard and foot board for your bed and throw some mix matched pillows and mix matched quilts on top. This gives an addition to the old fashioned shabby chic feel.
  6. Add some florals in the room, floral curtains, rug or quilt. But not all of them! Just one or two.
  7. Chandeliers are a must. Whether it be wrought iron or crystal either one will go nicely with your rooms if you have this style. You can buy them for a low price easily.
  8. Gingham fabrics also work well with this style! They add to the feeling of a simpler time when the days were slow and jam was homemade!
  9. Flowers & vases are a must! Fresh picked flowers from the garden and an old vintage chipped vase make for the perfect pair!

Too busy to go out looking? Click on the images below to check out some of our favorites:

Haven’t gotten enough of the shabby chic style? Check out these videos!

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