Dining room table decorating ideas

dining tableDo you love entertaining for family and friends? Who doesn’t? But do you have the same centerpiece every time? Why not change your centerpieces with the seasons? It’ll look better and your guests will be assured that you’re not just neglecting your dining table when they’re not eating there. Here are just a few ways that you can decorate your table throughout the seasons and truly make your dining room the talk of the town!  Read on to learn some cool dining room table decorating ideas!

SPRING: In Spring, the pastels come out. The flowers are blooming and festivities are in an abundance! Make sure your dining table is all ready with some lovely hydrangeas in a pastel painted tin can vases, you can add some natural elements to the table like bird nests, moss, twigs, and some not so natural, but still in season touches, like ribbons, lace, and burlap. You can put out those festive patterned plates and cups and add in some pastel colors. For the guests you have, you can have seed packets as the favors because who doesn’t like to have a plant or two in their garden or windowsill gardens?

SUMMER: Summertime is my personal favorite time to pull out all those bright colored dishes. They will look good with some foods that match those bright colors, like some lemons, tomatoes, etc. But don’t forget the florals! Sunflowers and tulips look best during the Summer. Also, white linens give a fresh feel to your tabletops! Don’t forget to make lemonade and sandwiches for your guests!

FALL: Picture this, a Fall themed tabletop, with Fall themed plates! Orange leaves, gold decor, and mini pumpkins! Fall is just simply wonderful! You can do small crafts for the table with leaves and hay that will give the feel of Fall along with burlap accents. Sunflowers are also a good flower to incorporate for Fall months. If you want to keep the table simple you can bring in hay bales, big tin tubs and sunflowers to put in the corners of the dining room along with framed leaves around the room.

WINTER: Winter time, the time where you bring out those white linens with red accents, and the table is always filled with family and friends talking about their wishes for the next coming up year. What are some good centerpieces? Roses are a good idea for a romantic centerpiece or even a brown or burnt orange flower arrangement. But, if flowers aren’t your thing then you could always get some fake pears and spray paint them gold (this is a VERY popular trend) or even glitter candles. With glitter candles, you take a candle and dip the bottom evenly in glue then in glitter and the bottom half will be glittery.

Here’s an AMAZING video on how to make a rather intriguing centerpiece that will have all your guests’ attention!

Here’s another video with a lovely centerpiece that will look GREAT on YOUR table!

Do you have a beautiful centerpiece? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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