Inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen

kitchen ideaWhen you look at your kitchen, what do you see? Do you see a finely decorated kitchen that’s picture perfect? Or maybe you see something that was thrown together due to a tight budget?  Who wants a thrown together look for their kitchen? No one that I know of! Here’s some inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen so you can turn your tight budget kitchen into a masterpiece in itself. 

  1.  Want Artwork or wall hangings? If you don’t have the money to buy new kitchen art or fancy paintings then you’ll want inexpensive DIY stuff. Here’s an idea that I absolutely love! Framing vintage magazine covers! You just cut off the cover of an old magazine, whether it be cooking housekeeping, cartoon, real photo and you frame it. It looks VERY good in older themed kitchen like vintage kitchens or farmhouse kitchens, not to mention its inexpensive and you’re kitchen will benefit from it!
  2. Need Storage? Here’s an idea that I plan to try immediately! Turning inexpensive plastic coffee containers into decorative countertop storage! Take a few of the plastic coffee containers, tear off the stickers and labels and paint it a color that will go well with your kitchen, then you can put a chalkboard tag or label on it and viola! You have new countertop storage for little money!
  3. Have unwanted shutters? Don’t throw them away! An old shutter can be turned into a place for your notes, memos and other papers and pictures to be displayed. You just need a shutter, paint it or don’t, that’s your choice then prop it on a wall or hang it on the wall then use clothespins to pin your stuff on it. It looks chic and gives a vintage flair!
  4. Old pitcher? Turn it into a creative vase. Just throw some water in it and place some bright beautiful flowers in the pitcher. Put it in a windowsill where the entire neighborhood can see!
  5. Need hooks? Hot glue some silverware to a wooden square and bend the spoon upward. BAM! You have hooks to hang your stuff on. It’s just as easy as that. Just two steps!
  6. Want a candle holder? This step is extremely similar to the hooks in number five, but using a ladle hot glue it to a longer board and place a candle in the spooning part. This will look amazing and will stay pretty clean because of the ladle holding it in.

These are just a few ways to decorate your kitchen with little to nothing in the bank!

Here’s a video showing how to do a few more decorative ideas for the kitchen!

and here’s one showing how to do DIY backsplash to add some beauty to your kitchen!


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