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images When remodeling a home, there’s a certain redesign process that must be followed to ensure you are happy with the results. A step by step process that will aid you in the remodeling of your home. By following this process you’ll be saving yourself money, time, and heartbreak. So how does this work? Get ready to hear the best kept secret in home redesign.


STEP ONE: Find inspiration.

Don’t worry about what it is, if you like it, put it a file. Make yourself a file full of all the things you like. Either an old fashioned paper file, or an electronic one.  You can even use social media tools like Pinterest to scrapbook ideas that speak to you!  If you like the color of the wrapper on a piece of chocolate, eat the chocolate and put it in your file. This is your file to gather a collection of things you are attracted to. Go online or look at magazines and books, print out, or cut out things you like and make little notes about things you would love to have. Don’t worry about price or brand, not yet at least.

STEP TWO: Determine your style.

Look at all that you’ve collected, do you notice a pattern? Maybe a theme or style that shows up in many of the pictures and notes? That’s how you’ll determine what style you are most attracted to. You may see some bohemian,feminine, elegant, masculine, clean, organic, modern, traditional, cozy, edgy, uban, industrial, bold, romantic, zen, dramatic, these are just a few of the many styles.  Its best to have a particular theme for your entire home to achieve a cohesive look.  Although, some people get creative and vary the theme from room to room; this works great for kids bedrooms where they may want to express their individuality.  Let them go wild; you can alway redecorate after they leave for college:-)

STEP THREE: Consider how the room will be used.

How many people will it seat? Do you have children? Pets? Will it be for entertaining or family? Or both? This is the step where you’ll need to think of your lifestyle and how this room will function. What will you need for this space to work? Look at your current situation and determine what you can change to make it work in this newly remodeled room. Do you never listen to music because the speakers aren’t close to that room that you’re always in? This is your chance to make note of that.

STEP FOUR: Assess your belongings.

Take photos of everything and look at it, decide whether to keep, change or give away/sell every item. This post on rehabbing furniture can help you with ideas for this step. Look at every piece as if it never had a certain use in your home, as I speak of in the rehabbing furniture article, you could turn a tin tray that you used for 20 years as a tray for your teapot and turn it into beautiful silhouette artwork.

STEP FIVE: Draw up a floor plan.

This is always my favorite step just because I do this everyday for clients. You’re going to take dimensions of the room and the things that will go into the room, then you’re going to try to scale it the best you can, or you can get someone to draft out your options for you (Don’t worry; I have plenty of people to come to me with single room measurements asking for me to redesign their layouts, and if you can find someone who’s in college you’ll get charged way less than if you got an actual company to draw it up.)

STEP SIX: Set a budget.

Figure out what you are willing to spend on this project. Some of my clients take on whole projects at once and it becomes overwhelming to them trying to get the money and everything done. So my suggestion is to have a vision for your room and collect slowly over time or splurge on one big piece and get the rest at cheaper discounted prices. This is that step where Amazon (Vintage furniture is very inexpensive here for you vintage lovers) and “already been loved” furniture will make you a happy homeowner in the end. You can fix up the pre-owned furniture to become your own and viola! You have money to spend on other, more important details.

STEP SEVEN: Research, Research, Research.

Well, I just made your life a bit easier by giving you one of my secrets to shopping. Top Furniture From Amazon is one of the best places to buy your furniture at. All their furniture is BEYOND affordable. I was shocked at how cheap the prices actually were. I love to shop Amazon just for that reason! Besides you get great guaranteed customer service, fast and free shipping in most cases.

STEP EIGHT: Create a design scheme.

Get yourself a mood board. In a livingroom for example, put a photo of the couch and chairs you want along with pattern and fabric swatches, paint swatches etc. to see how the room will look next to each other. This will help you to visualize your room better. Many designers use mood boards to display how the room will look like to clients.

STEP NINE: Make a list.

This list should consist of everything that you have to get and do and when you need to do it. For example, pick flooring, meet with contractor, pick up wall paints, get curtains, buy decor etc. this will mainly help you to remember to get everything in time.

Now that you know my secret, put it to work in your home to make your home the best it can possibly be.

Here’s a video of how to get a good kitchen remodel, if the kitchen is what you’re working on, then here’s some more helpful tips by clicking here.

Does following a redesign process when remodeling help you? Tell me why or why not in the comments below! 


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