Painting Cabinets in 6 steps!

b15679d9c966deb70bd6f99ffef8ad50 Painting cabinets can be quite the interesting topic. Many people do it many different ways. If you don’t want to have to go out and buy ESP(Easy Surface Prep) and you’re not against sanding, here’s how you can paint over your kitchen cabinets without buying ESP and still do it in a decent time frame!

  1. On the first day of your project, go to the kitchen and remove all cabinet doors and hardware. You can put these in the garage or extra room so they’ll be out of the way, you won’t be using them right now.
  2. What you’ll do next can be a bit messy but honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts. I guess it’s because I like to make a big mess. You’re going to sand down the cabinet boxes NOTE: This is NOT the cabinet doors!! This are the cabinet boxes on the wall that you just took the doors off of. Once you’re done making your mess, clean up.
  3. Next, you’ll prime the cabinet boxes. This is what you just sanding. Get some primer and slap on the boxes (By slap, I do mean paint like you normally would.). The primer basically just gets it ready to paint.
  4. After you’ve primed up the boxes you’re ready for the part that you’ve been waiting on this entire time. You’re going to paint the cabinet boxes. Be sure to put something like a tarp or plastic wrap under the top cabinet boxes to protect your counter-tops.
  5. Once the cabinet boxes are ready you’re going to do the same process to the cabinet drawers. Sand them, Prime them then Paint them.
  6. Now, you’re ready to re-install the drawers and hardware and celebrate!!

Here’s a video showing how this man painted his cabinets, much like how I described so you can use this as a follow along video!

Here’s another video showing how you can paint your cabinets very nicely. We have cabinets like his (before) and it kind of makes me wonder what I could do with those cabinets.. Hmm.

Have you done a cabinet remodel like this? Tell me how long it took you in the comments below!


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