Fifty Shades of Greige

75a505df8b4e108e94c7278174bddd4dI scowl with frustration at my client’s home on my computer. This color just won’t do. I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am searching for a color to put on this wall. I must not sleep till it’s done. I must not sleep till it’s done. Reciting this mantra several times. I attempt, once more, to bring the color to life. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the Sherwin Williams color palette. My only option is to just choose something and hope it looks presentable.

Then, I see it. It’s the most beautiful color I could’ve laid my eyes on. It’s the perfect shade, it’lll look good with anything. Anything at all. I apply it to the room, perfect. This color is amazing. The furniture looks elegant against the elegance of this wall color. I stared at it for a long time then said to myself, “This is it. This is my new signature color.”

I scrolled to the color info to find the name of this beautiful elegant color, “Greige“.

In all seriousness now, Greige is the “go-to” color for many homeowners. It’s a mixture of grey with a hint of beige. The color that comes from that? This amazing shade of Greige.

It is a calming, neutral, and classy color. It goes very well with any style of furniture and any color of furniture. It is from Sherwin- Williams and  is called Perfect Greige, and let me say it is simply that, perfect. If you use this in your home, you will never regret it. You’ll be able to change out your furniture and decor without having to re-paint the entire room. It will definitely benefit your family’s lifestyle.

Your friends will envy the beauty of the walls in your den or kitchen or even bathroom, Greige looks good anywhere! Believe me, if you choose to get this Greige you’ll be thanking me.

Here’s a video showing different rooms in the different shades of Greige. Notice how they all look glamorous. It’s not the furniture, it’s the wall color paired with the furniture.

Once you have the walls painted Greige you’ll want to install some white crown molding to add a touch of elegance. Here’s a how-to video showing how to install crown molding:

Well, now you know all about the beautiful shade of greige. If you have this color anywhere in your home or plan to have it in your home tell me what room you have it in and how you like it! Put your replies in the comment section! 


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