Furniture Placement Tips from Top Designers

Furniture Placement Tips from Top Designers

Furniture Placement

Even the top designers take a great deal of care and attention when choosing and arranging the furniture in any given room. The scale and proportion of the individual pieces should not only complement one another, but they should also not interfere with the traditional traffic patterns from room to room. Here are a few of the basic tips for furniture arrangement from the leading interior design professionals.

Map out the normal pathways of each room. Then allow approximately 2 to 3 feet of aisle space as a good starting point. Add more if you need to, keeping your family and friends in mind at all times. Coffee tables are typically placed between 13 to 18 inches in front of the sofa. For homeowners using ottoman style coffee tables for putting your feet up, use a spacing closer to the 13 inch range. More formal living room areas would usually require more space. And every piece of upholstered furniture should have its own side table, even if it is just a short, 12 inch stool.


Placement of the Bed

The guidelines of interior design always change a bit for homes with children. For kids’ bedrooms, it is perfectly acceptable to place the bed Read more