Thrifting: What to look for?

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Photo by Infrogmation (talk) of New Orleans

Where does your mind go when you hear “thrift shop”? You may think Macklemore’s song or Goodwill but when I hear that I think those old rundown shops on the sides of the mountain roads. If you’ve ever been in the mountains and saw an antique sign drawn on the side of the road you can assume there will be something good in there. It may be hidden under a pile of junk, but there’s something good in there. Here’s some examples of good thrift shop finds and what you can do with them to benefit your home:

1. Shutters. If you see old worn down window shutters, that’s a must have! You can make shelving, photo holders, just use it as decoration, doors to cabinets, or even use it as shutters. You can paint and restore it or use it as it is and make it shabby chic!

2. Doors. This one isn’t a MUST, but a small price can go far with this one.  Doors can have a sheet of glass placed on top and legs underneath to make a unique coffee table or dining table.   They can replace your actual current doors, used as decoration or even modified to be used as a headboard or footboard for your bed.

3. Cloth Napkins. Antique shops can be great places to get your linens for cheaper! You can get the linens, and if they’re in great shape you can have them monogrammed and use them for your dinner parties!  You can often find napkins purchased for weddings or special occasions that are barely used.

4. Cookbooks. Although this isn’t going to make your house “Martha Stewart good” it will look great in a vintage kitchen and let’s be honest, who didn’t like grandma’s cooking back in the day? Grandma had her mom’s help and that cookbook out. They are often so cheap, finding just one good recipe in a book, or its decorative value along makes it worth the purchase.

5. Old jars. Mason, Ball, whatever the type of jar, they can be used for MANY things! I am addicted to mason jars! I use them for canning, as vases, storage, and I even put candles in them. Jars are A LOT cheaper at antique stores and thrift shops.  With a little imagination, there is no limit to the number of DIY decorative projects that can be created with glass jars.

6. Art. Just because you never know what art piece could be an original! Some people have bought art pieces at antique stores or thrift shops just to find out it was an original that was worth millions of dollars!  But don’t buy it assuming its going to make you rich, buy it for its aesthetic appeal.  Ensure the color scheme goes well with your overall decor and you can’t go wrong with good, cheap art!

7. Mirrors. Mirrors can make a room more open and fresh feeling, get an antique mirror and you can hang it up in the right spot and have a beautiful fresh look in your home! Antique mirrors just give the feeling of a time when things were fresh and peaceful.

These are just a few of the good finds that you can get in an antique shop, there’s a lot more so go shopping!  Find good deals!  And of course, enjoy thrifting!  What was your best purchase from a thrift store, or yard sale?  Please share in the comments!


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