Bedroom Design: Ideas For a Stylish and Modern Look

Bedroom Design


Since your bedroom is a place of rest, one of the most essential elements is choosing a versatile color scheme which makes it easier for you to pair fabrics and furniture. Key to this is ensuring clean lines, fresh and peaceful colors which create a soft and soothing bedroom design.  Follow the suggestions below and create a dream bedroom fit for royalty!

It is important to use more than one color which works well together. To add more color however, use beddings that are not too floral rather, choose solid colors. Vary the textures of the beddings and use different shades of the same color.

To add some fun color in your bedroom, while supporting the dominant and secondary colors, include a few pillows, not too many; a picture or painting, a bench, lamps and other artifacts. Remember to keep it stylish and simple to avoid it looking cluttered.  Stylish, modern design has an element of minimalism.  Excessive clutter will certainly detract from the look you’re trying to achieve.

Throw in a soft area rug to add more color and warmth, while still complementing the primary and secondary colors, to break up the expanse of your bedroom’s wood flooring.  An area rug offers the added benefit of protecting your feet from the cold wood floors in the winter, and makes you feel more grounded at home.  In addition, it cuts down on the noise of foot steps when you roll out of bed in the middle of the night for a short walk to the bathroom or refrigerator!

Create beautiful lighting from various sources which carry the theme of the bedroom. Have different points of light in relating to different tasks performed in the bedroom. Good lighting should add ambience and warmth.  The design in the picture above makes great use of wall sconces, and a pendant light fixture.

In the picture above, the key elements are a dominant soft color with neutral secondary colors, elegant leather and wood furnishings, flowing drapes, simple lighting and a beautiful area rug. The overall look is crisp clean, warm, artistic and soothing; creating a perfect resting place after a long and tiring day.  The frame on the wall featuring artwork is yet another area where a home owner  can display their individual taste, or simply hang up pictures of loved ones.

What do you think of this bedroom design?  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome in the comment section below!


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