His and Her Closet Space

His and Hers Closet Space

In the fight for equality in domestic relationships everywhere, sometimes the personal touch can make all the difference. When separating the very limited real estate of clothing storage, tensions can be run high. Everyone has way more stuff than anticipated, no one knows where to put those pairs of boots, and it might be tempting to throw away that tattered shirt on your sweetie’s back.

A very simple way to solve this problem is by customizing both sides of your limited space. By simply adding a shelf above either side of the closet, I have managed to make this problem more bearable. Above his side, he has the option to decorate or use it as storage (which he did).

I created a beautifully designed sign to hang above both sides saying, “His” and “Hers.” While this seems cheesy, using an elegant print can take away from that and make it appear almost rustic. I used a piece of thin wood, then lacquered it with a dark varnish. Once this dried, I used a stencil in a slightly scripted font to paint our pronouns in white. I hung them with wire and a nail, so they continued with the rustic motif.

The shelf was intended to be used as a place for decoration, though over time it became more of a storage space. I originally wanted to create a beach scene, using starfish and sand dollars. I hung soft yellow lights around the top of the wall, giving it a wonderfully warm glow. When I finished, I felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction and we are no longer fighting over the space! Not to mention the soft lights make great mood lighting.

So, do you have other ideas on making limited storage space work for a couple?  If so, please share your ideas in the comment section below!


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