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Decorating a Dining Room TableThe dining room table is often the heart of the home. This is where we come together as a family to discuss the events of the day, but it can also be the focal point of more elaborate celebrations.

Because of these varying purposes, choosing the table decorations can depend on the event, the number of people, and of course your budget. And what about in between meals when the table is not being used at all? Here are some unique and rather inexpensive ideas for decorating your dining room table.

Placemats and Tablecloths

This is a quick and easy way to add some color to the room. Table cloths and placemats can also help to protect the tabletop from scratches, stains, and spills, especially in homes with younger children. For a clean look or for more ornate dining furniture, use solid colors that complement the other décor in the room. Red is a color known to increase the appetite while blues and greens offer a more calming effect. Patterns and florals work well for decorating dining room tables that are simpler in design. For an added touch, consider some nicely color napkins and napkin rings placed at each setting. Check this out for a great specialty table cloth perfect for special occasions.

China as a Decorative Choice

Even though your dining set will remain unused for a large part of the day, you can still spice up the room by laying out your fine china as a decorative accent. For more informal rooms, a mixture of fun colored plates and bowls always works well. Your tableware no longer has to match in order to be considered fashionable. Visit your local thrift stores and garage sales to purchase individual pieces at cheap prices. And decorating your dining room with your best wedding china for more formal occasions saves you money from having to buy more elaborate centerpieces. If you’re looking for a great dining set, click on the following image:

Nature as a Centerpiece of your dining room table

Finding the perfect centerpiece to complement the room can often be a challenge. Placing a silk or plastic floral arrangement in the middle of the dining room table can become rather dull and boring after a while. They also seem to be dust magnets. Why not replace it with a vase filled with freshly picked flowers from your yard, a nice arrangement of dried twigs and branches, or perhaps a bowl of pinecones in the fall? A potted plant from the local nursery works just as well. Or simply add a bowl of mixed nuts or sweet smelling fruit as an accent piece.

Candles for Ambiance

Using candles as a centerpiece when decorating your dining room table is usually associated with romantic evenings with the one you love. But instead of using the longer, pencil thin candles, try experimenting with a few chunkier pillar shaped candles of different heights and sizes placed strategically on a nice dinner plate in the center of the table. The plate will protect your tabletop from the wax drippings, and the more robust candles are less formal. Always be sure to light the wicks of newly bought candles, if only for a few short minutes. Candles with burnt wicks give the impression that they are actually used on a regular basis rather than just creatively used as a mere decoration.

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