Top DIY Tips for Loft Decoration

Loft Design

Decorating a loft can be a bit of a challenge. The wide open spaces with expansive ceilings and lack of sufficient storage space can often leave us scratching our heads. A loft is not like a traditional apartment with individual doorways, lots of corners, and closets in every room. In many cases, the loft apartment is simply one, long interior space with very tall ceilings and enormous windows. It is a blank canvas ready to be transformed. Defining the individual areas for sleeping, dining, and conversation can be challenging but a great deal of fun. Let your creativity run free but follow a few basic guidelines.

Define individual areas.

Before you get into the color palette and selections of furniture, the first step in Loft Decoration is to define and divide the unit into individual areas. Choose where you want the sleeping space to be, perhaps farther away from those soaring loft windows. Select an area somewhat close to the kitchen for dining, and choose a portion of the loft with lots of light and ambiance for the living or conversation area.

Divide and conquer.

Decorating a loft requires a bit of ingenuity and forethought, since you are lacking the multiple walls and corners of individual rooms that can divide the space. But this is part of the appeal of loft living. Some tricks to help divide the space into individual areas without taking away from the spacious appeal of the loft space itself might include the purchase of bookcases or screen dividers. Consider incorporating a raised platform for the bedroom area. Or clearly define individual areas with carpeting. The sides and corners of larger pieces of furniture can also be creatively placed to create a line of separation from the other areas of the home.

Choose the colors.

A common color theme in Loft Decoration is one of neutral tones that might include white, chrome, beige, and taupe.  Many loft owners also choose to skip paint all together, and simply retain the natural brick look. Part of the reason for these choices is to enhance the airy feel of the wide open spaces. Unlike a traditional home, each of the individual areas of the loft should utilize the same color scheme. After all, this is essentially one large room. A single color will increase eye appeal by decreasing the appearance of clutter. But don’t be afraid to add some rather bold splashes of color to bring out the massive windows and extra high ceilings. This may help to “draw the eye up”, highlighting the perhaps rather impressive duct work above.

Incorporating additional storage.

If you are using bookcases to help divide your individual areas, this can obviously help to increase storage. But there will be some items that you will not want to display outwardly to your visiting guests. Consider adding some bins or baskets to some of the individual shelves of the bookcases, or purchase storage ottomans and living room tables with extra storage drawers. We also see platforms beds used for decorating a loft because of the many extra drawers and cubbies underneath. Taller armoires and dressers with more drawers are also a good choice. A general rule of thumb is to place at least one piece of furniture per “area” that provides some sort of “out of sight” storage method.

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