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Do you yearn for a simpler time? Do you harbor the secret of your inner hippie? Well come out of hiding! Take just one room of your home and turn it into a hippie shrine. Express yourself without fear of what others will say. Incorporating hippie themed decor into your life is easier than you think!

Bring Nature Home

Hippies are all about nature. Bring it into your home with wall colors that resemble colors found in nature: bright reds of flowers, blues of the sky, yellows of the sun, or greens of the trees.

You can also bring nature into the room with do-it-yourself projects such as dream catchers and wind chimes made from bamboo or even trimmings from the tree outside.

Flower Power

Large colorful blooms are a staple of the hippie era. You can never have enough flowers. Don’t go for those realistic pictures and photo wall art of flowers though. You want flowers with a more artsy or cartoony look. They can be fabric or construction paper, tacked up to the wall in intervals. Or you can add flower patterns to throw pillows. You can even paint flowers on your lamp shades.

Peace, Man

Hippies are all about peace, and when decorating a room with a hippie theme peace signs are a must. You can find peace sign wall art all over the web. A large peace sign centered over your couch is certain to grab anyone’s attention.

Recycle, Reuse

Hippies are all about sustaining the environment. They repurpose things as much as possible, reusing items that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill. Take some wooden crates and create shelves from them. Don’t be afraid of used furniture either, especially if it’s from that era and is in good condition but well worn.

Another idea is to make wood pallet furniture. This is actually a very recent trend, but it is from a very hippie perspective. You can find instructions to build nearly any piece of furniture from wood pallets. It will be very hippie, very economical, and definitely unique.

Mandatory Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is a basic staple of the hippie lifestyle, and no hippie room is complete without it. Cover your sofa with a swatch of tie-dye fabric, or cover your pillows with it. Make curtains from tie-dye fabric, or tie-dye your curtains yourself for a creative and inexpensive alternative.

Finishing Hippie Touches

Don’t stop with these basic hippie ideas. There are many things you can add to your room very cheaply that will further enhance the look. Take your door off the hinges and replace it with a beaded curtain. Put up posters or album covers of rock artists of the hippie era. Purchase a couple of lava lamps. Use table lamps to light the room for normal use and replace your overhead bulbs with black lights. And, of course, don’t forget the shag rug to complete the look. Finally, to make it really seem as though you’ve stepped back into the past, place an incense holder in the center of the room with Nag Champa incense burning at all times.

If any of these ideas work for you, there is definitely a hippie buried deep within. (Or maybe it’s on the surface for everyone to see.) Embrace your ideals and style and run with it. Your home will never be more unique or inviting than with a hippie room.

So, is anyone else brave enough to express your inner hippie through your hippie themed decor?  Share your story with us and show us your pics!


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