A Unique Use Of Five Beautiful Colors!

A unique use of five beautiful colors!This master bedroom is filled with a variety of gorgeous colors that complement each other just perfectly. Such simple colors can make for a beautiful theme; including blue, white, red, pink, and gray.

A master bedroom like this one is meant to be admired every day. The numerous colorful pillows (of which there are eleven), arranged so delicately on the bed, brighten up the entire room. I think the pillow on the top left corner tops them all; what a precious design on the cover. Read more

Pink Roses And White Pearls

Pink roses and white pearlsThis center piece is absolutely stunning! What an amazing concept that just two simple colors can make for the most gorgeous decorations.A center piece like this could be used for several occasions.

The first thing that came to my mind was a wedding; but they could add some glamour to any dining room table, bedroom nightstand, living room coffee table, or bathroom counter top.In this scene, the decorator used a beautiful white tablecloth with a flowery pattern as the design. Decorations like these can be made easily right at home. Read more

Using Chrome Spray Paint To Liven Up The Room

ThUsing chrome spray paint to liven up the roomis is a clever and fun idea to spice up any piece of furniture in the house. The decorator here used chrome spray paint to cover some a simple wooden nightstand. Where before it was probably an old, decrepit, falling-apart wooden thing, it now beautifully sparkles and brightens up the entire room.

Chrome spray paint would make a great cover for anything wooden, stainless steel, or plastic. This is a smart idea right before a party or a special occasion; such as birthday parties, graduation parties, sleepovers, or any family get-togethers. But the glamour doesn’t stop there; I love what the decorator did with the rest of the room as well. Read more

Burlap Curtains

Burlap curtainsThis set up is outstanding! The burlap curtains are the main attraction of this room and they stand out beautifully. The material is very thin, yet durable; meaning it can stand the test of time but it’s easy to keep clean! Most curtains get dusty, and they’re a pain to try to get all the dust off that builds over time. Burlap curtains are thin and sleek, so dust won’t stick to them as easily.

These curtains make for a natural, outdoorsy, organic look. I’m guessing this room is the study, so after a hard day’s work the homeowner could open their soft burlap curtains and take a long look at the view. The rest of the decor is nothing to scoff at, either. This decorator did an amazing job with matching the curtains up to the whole theme. Read more

Vintage and Antique

Vintage and AntiqueI immediately thought of two words when I saw this bathroom: Vintage and antique. It reminds me of a 1930′s style Hollywood dressing room. Here the decorator has chosen a stunning Behr brand paint color by the name of Mocha Latte as their main theme.

There are other shades of brown flowing in the bathroom, which make the Mocha Latter color stand out beautifully. We first notice the tile, which has huge sandy colored squares and rests delicately on the floor.

Then the sink, which looks Victorian, is a gorgeous shade of shiny white and has wonderful golden brown taps at the top. I adore the toilet paper holder. It looks like it was placed in this bathroom about two hundred years ago but it looks amazing next to the toilet. Read more

Cute Bathroom with Many Character

Cute Bathroom with Many CharacterThis bathroom is amazing! The signs, the curtain, the counter, the cups on top of the toilet, everything is awesome. I never considered plastic/glass cups with little trinkets inside as a bathroom decoration, but they look magnificent here.

I love the bright colors they picked for the cup coat. And the shower curtain looks like a long, beautiful, flowing dress; I want to know where this person got it because it would look gorgeous in any bathroom, while pretty much any surrounding décor.

The signs are, of course, the absolute best thing about the entire bathroom. All of these signs are not only helpful to your housemates or family, but cute and decorative as well. The fact that each of them come in a different color is unique and draws the eye to them instantly. Read more

An Excellent Idea for Hiding the Flaws in Your Entertainment System

Entertainment System Wiring FlawThis is a unique and imaginative idea that everyone with a wall mount television should try. It’s not only appealing and decorative, but safe for your kids as well. What is the biggest, most visible flaw in most people’s entertainment system set up?  Its the exposed wiring that looks like a tangled mess.  A good solution to this can problem can make your entertainment center seem much more organized.  To be more specific, what this person has done is hide all the electrical cords from their huge wall mount tv with a tv cord cover kit.  If you are looking to purchase such a cord cover kit, following is the absolute best option that we could find and at the lowest price:

They chose two different possible “after” scenarios, picking one white tab to cover the cords and one tannish/brownish tab to match the color of the wall. Either of these would work just fine, because both of them are covering the eyesore of the tangled up cords, but the second option looks the best with the décor, since the color blends in well. Read more

A Flawless Blend of Black, Brown, and White

A Flawless Blend of Black, Brown, and WhiteThis bathroom is gorgeous! It has both a modern and old-fashioned look without losing a bit of the fashion. The decorator skillfully used a blend of black, brown, and white together, which turned out beautifully.

The only color I see differently from those three is the light blue wall, but it somehow manages to blend in perfectly with the other colors. Looking at this room reminds me of a fresh, strong, savory cup of coffee.

The designer used the prettiest shades of black and brown for this bathroom. The sink caught my eye first, with its jet-black taps that I’ve never seen anywhere else. The sink itself is a shocking contrast of white, but it looks amazing. Read more

An Excellent use of Purple and White

An Excellent use of Purple and WhiteThis room is designed with a perfectly splendid use of purple. There are many original decorative items and paint ideas that I have never seen elsewhere. The beds are obviously the most noticeable aspect of the room, with their unique purple patterns on the comforters and orange, purple, and white pillows. Read more

The Best Looking Attic in Town

The Best Looking Attic in TownNow this is one good looking attic! This reminded me instantly of a doll house. It’s almost too adorable for words. This attic can easily be used for another room, or party area, instead of getting dusty and storing old boxes.

The designer not only painted the floors a nice rusty red color, but covered all the ceilings and shelves as well. And we can also notice the classy lights on the ceiling lighting up the beauty of the room. Normally we don’t pay attention to our attics, but this attic is definitely eye-catching. Read more