Using Drawers as Cupboard Shelves

Using Drawers as Cupboard ShelvesWhy has nobody ever thought of this? It not only looks amazing but appears to be spacious and efficient as well. These drawers were probably taken from an old dresser or a cabinet, then installed directly into this cupboard to use as moving shelves.

The decorator here brilliantly used the smaller drawers at the top of the cupboard, leading down into bigger drawers. Now every time this door is opened, you will find yourself with plenty of food choices, all neatly organized in their own separate drawer. When you’ve picked something, simply push all the drawers in and shut the door! What a simple and amazing process. Installation is a simple process, as well.

All that needs to be done is placing hinges on the insides of the door, as well as the drawer sides. This way they can easily be slid in and out of their section. This idea is so much smarter and safer than just piling food in a disorganized fashion inside of the cupboard.

Storing this food this way is dangerous because when you go to get it out of the cupboard, there’s a chance it can fall right on you. With the method shown here, food is kept safe, neat, and orderly.

Notice how all the snacks are kept in the largest drawer in the bottom; baking products are stored in the next drawer; then we have the pasta, cans, and cereal. It doesn’t get much more creative or useful than this. I would love to have this in my home because it would make cooking or finding food in the kitchen much easier!


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