Using Chrome Spray Paint To Liven Up The Room

ThUsing chrome spray paint to liven up the roomis is a clever and fun idea to spice up any piece of furniture in the house. The decorator here used chrome spray paint to cover some a simple wooden nightstand. Where before it was probably an old, decrepit, falling-apart wooden thing, it now beautifully sparkles and brightens up the entire room.

Chrome spray paint would make a great cover for anything wooden, stainless steel, or plastic. This is a smart idea right before a party or a special occasion; such as birthday parties, graduation parties, sleepovers, or any family get-togethers. But the glamour doesn’t stop there; I love what the decorator did with the rest of the room as well.

I love the deep brown rug. Brown can match basically anything, and this carpet blends with the room perfectly. I also like the idea of placing minimal items on the nightstand. This way, the chrome spray paint covering stands out to its full potential, without worrying about a clutter of items ruining the idea. Using a small vase with a large array of flowers is another clever idea.

The little vase easily emphasizes the flower bouquet. And I happened to notice the fur pillow in the edge of the scene; designed out of, I’m guessing, faux rabbit fur. For being such a small section of the bedroom, this theme really stands out. Spraying chrome spray paint on hard pieces of furniture can liven up any area of the home. This theme would be especially ideal for a teenage girl’s room.


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