Pink Roses And White Pearls

Pink roses and white pearlsThis center piece is absolutely stunning! What an amazing concept that just two simple colors can make for the most gorgeous decorations.A center piece like this could be used for several occasions.

The first thing that came to my mind was a wedding; but they could add some glamour to any dining room table, bedroom nightstand, living room coffee table, or bathroom counter top.In this scene, the decorator used a beautiful white tablecloth with a flowery pattern as the design. Decorations like these can be made easily right at home.

This person used genuine white roses, which are delicately resting on top of hundreds of white pearls contained inside of a bold glass vase. They decided one wasn’t quite enough, so they added an adorable miniature version, using a tiny glass vase with just a handful of white pearls and a single pink rose.

This type of decoration may look pricey, but it only requires a minimal amount of items to make it sparkle with beauty. Clear glass vases can be purchased from just about anymore, including any department or home improvement store. Pink roses can be found in local flower shops or grocery stores, and white pearls are an easy thing to come by as well. White pearls can be located in the arts and crafts section of basically any department store.

Using these inexpensive decorative pieces is a wonderful idea for any special occasion where money is tight. A wedding could look like a dream come true with these pieces.


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