Making Use of Useless Doors!

Making Use of Useless Doors!Believe it or not, there is a use for old or broken doors. Use them as a table! The decorator here used a finished, green colored door for a table top and it looks fantastic. This is a definite do-it-yourself project that uses a lot of creativity but not much effort!

Just take an unused door, remove the hinges, and install it to four pieces of lumber. Now you have a lovely coffee table to sit right in your living room. Buying furniture can be expensive, but using old or useless furniture to make NEW furniture doesn’t cost a thing!

If I entered this home and took a long around, I’d have no idea that a door was used for the table top. It looks completely natural and possibly even better than a pre-assembled coffee table. Then we have the carpet that the table rests on, which consists of an uneven striped-pattern. It fits perfectly for a background to the table because both pieces of décor are totally original.

I love the pieces they set on top of the table; a gorgeous gold tea tray containing some pretty flowers and other decorative pieces. The fireplace at the foot of the table makes the whole scene come together. Surrounded by a blue-grayish border, this fireplace would be enjoyable in the winter time, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee by your homemade coffee table.

The other great aspect about a project like this is that you can design your table top any way you want; using different color paint or even choosing not to use a finish.


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