Dream Come True Master Bedroom

Dream-Come-True-Master-BedroomWe have an excellent use of white and off-white in this master bedroom. This room looks like it was pulled straight from the luxury suite of a five star hotel. The bed looks almost too beautiful to sleep in, with the perfect shade of white for the comforters and the white/gray pillows perfectly arranged by color.

The nightstand to the left of the bed is unique and awesome. Judging from the view, it appears that its designed out of metal or steel. What a clever and original idea, swaying from the usual wooden material for nightstands. The décor on the nightstand is totally glamorous.

We have an old-fashioned glass candle case, 1800s style, with a white candle inside to match the white theme. If you look closely you can notice a unique analog clock behind the candle as well. The nightstand also contains a lovely flower vase with tall, white, completely divine flowers. The tan/white curtains make a stunning, yet discrete way to allow just a splash of sunlight into the room.

On the top of the middle of the bed rests a black bordered picture frame, which contrasts perfectly with the rest of the room décor. And on the ceiling we can see a delicate chandelier, which we don’t see too often in bedrooms anymore. The background of this incredible master bedroom is a soft gray wallpaper. This color of wallpaper matches everything in the room, because gray normally goes with any sort of décor. Last but not least is the glorious white border at the top of the room.


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