Burlap Curtains

Burlap curtainsThis set up is outstanding! The burlap curtains are the main attraction of this room and they stand out beautifully. The material is very thin, yet durable; meaning it can stand the test of time but it’s easy to keep clean! Most curtains get dusty, and they’re a pain to try to get all the dust off that builds over time. Burlap curtains are thin and sleek, so dust won’t stick to them as easily.

These curtains make for a natural, outdoorsy, organic look. I’m guessing this room is the study, so after a hard day’s work the homeowner could open their soft burlap curtains and take a long look at the view. The rest of the decor is nothing to scoff at, either. This decorator did an amazing job with matching the curtains up to the whole theme.

A stack of glass (or porcelain) animals lay directly to the bottom right of the curtains, which define the next item; an incredibly unique bookshelf. The hardwood floors have got to be my most favorite bit of the scene; they’re finished off with a glorious, shiny mahogany that touches up the room. This would be the perfect room to escape to and enjoy a good book or some natural sunshine.

The burlap curtains are a lovely piece of décor and easy to put together. And they would do well in any room, not just the study; for example the dining room, the living room, the master bedrooms, the bathroom….you name it. Burlap curtains go with pretty much any decoration and fit well in any room of the house.


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  • March 5, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    About to begin large remodel in few weeks!


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