Awesome Use of Decoration on a Door!

Awesome Use of Decoration on a Door!Who ever knew that a door could be known for its décor? This one just made the top of my list. When I saw this lovely door, I thought of an Ace of Spades card. This door looks amazing from the start. It’s bordered with an impressive outline of white open-paneled squares, making the door stand out above all others. I love the color and design too! The triangle top-pattern makes the door front a masterpiece of design. The door knocker and the handle are equally as impressive. Colored black, these aspects fit the door perfectly.

I also noticed the italicized lettering of address; to me, this says “Come to this door; we’re classy.” We of course can’t forget the magnificent door color; which is a periwinkle-type blue. The door appears to be leading out to a deck or a patio, which makes it even more intriguing. I feel like opening the door opens up a word of exploration and opportunity. Whoever has this door on their property is incredibly lucky.

A simple design like this could get away with other colors as well; such as green, red, or blue. Why not place several doors similar to this one all over the house? Then you have an original plan that no one else can compete with. I also noticed how the door blends in wonderfully with the exterior wall colors. The walls are a nice, light gray color; the door a rare periwinkle. I could spend hours just gazing at this door; wishing I had it around my own home.


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