A warm And Welcoming Living Room Area

A warm and welcoming living room areaWow, this room is amazing! From the carpet to the furniture to the curtains, this living room area looks like a warm and happy place to relax. Even though this is a small setting, the decorator managed to make every item in the room stand out. My eyes went straight to the Ikea ottoman before anything else.

I love the black and white striped pattern. Black and white and stripes go with everything and this room theme is no exception. I see that it is actually being used as a coffee table, which seems to work out just fine.

There’s no reason we always have to eat on hard surfaces; why not eat on a cushiony surface for a change? Ikea ottomans are soft, yet sturdy enough to be able to balance just about anything. And what lovely décor the decorator added for the ottoman.An adorable little mirror tray is used to hold a teacup, an off-white candle, and some bright red flowers. This person picked three simple, yet beautiful items as the topping for the tray.

The ottoman is resting on top of a multi-colored carpet that almost melts into the theme. I could definitely sink into that off-white colored couch. This is the type of couch that everyone wants for their home, because it’s classy and pretty, but still ridiculously comfortable for sitting or sleeping. The curtains in the background are a nice shade of off-white, perfectly matching the couch. Lastly, the decorator added some discrete decorative items to the left of the couch.


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