A Creative Spin on Your Average Bookcase

A Creative Spin on Your Average BookcaseThese are not your average knickknack shelves! They are a completely unique spin on tall bookshelves. This is a do-it-yourself project that is entirely achievable. First, set a Lazy Susan on the ground for the base. Take a cheap, tall bookshelf and place it on top of the Lazy Susan. Attach a mirror to the front and a cork board on the side! Now you have rotating shelves that can double as a bookcase, a clipboard, and a mirror! it doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

If you are looking for a cork board similar to the one in the above picture, click the below image link and you’ll see a variety of options in different sizes (or, you could combine several smaller ones to make the required size!)

Finally you can use your old, dusty bookshelves for something useful. You can even attach hooks on the sides, as the decorator has done here; where you can hang your purses, belts, or sweaters. These efficient decorative items would go great in any dorm room, apartment, or suite. Now you can place your books, pictures, photo albums, makeup, knickknacks, and clothes all in the same place.

And while you’re getting your books ready for school or your clothes ready for the day, you can check yourself out in your homemade mirror at the same time. These shelves are a girl’s dream come true. Now they can put all their schoolbooks and toiletries in the same location without the mess. And these convenient shelves don’t just have to be placed in a bedroom; why not put them to use in the dining room or the living room? Now you can place your extra décor on each of the shelves; like your candles, vases, and coasters.


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