A Blanket of Rosemary Flowers

A Blanket of Rosemary FlowersThis is almost too good to be true. The scene strongly reminds me of the meadow scene in “Alice in Wonderland”. There must be thousands of little flowers blanketed here, all surrounding a little tree.

Rosemary flowers are not only drop dead gorgeous, but an efficient way to decorate a garden as well. These types of flowers have no allergens and surprisingly require little water. These are the best kinds of flowers to have in your yard, because they can still look beautiful without the need for much maintenance.

 Rosemary flowers can turn a dull backyard into instant glamour. The base here is a nice array of matching stones that look like they were taken right from an old-fashioned storybook set in medieval times. The decorator here definitely did not skimp out on rosemary seeds. The flowers are literally growing over the side of the stone base, and it looks amazing. This flower bed almost looks like a comfortable bed that you could easily fall into.

The idea of surrounding the tree with rosemary flowers is brilliant. Without the endless bed of flowers, this tree might look bare and overgrown in this specific spot. There’s also a forest green bush off to the side; the rosemary flowers did a good job of surrounding that one too.

.A garden like this, strictly consisting of lilac rosemary flowers, could probably be seen miles away. What more could you want than that? Every time you walked into your house, you would get to catch a glimpse of this beautiful blanket of flowers.


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