A Basement Plucked from Heaven

A Basement Plucked from HeavenThis finished basement looks like it was dropped straight down from heaven. It uses completely consistent colors and appears to be a welcoming room to walk in to. First of all, those tan-colored stairs are drop dead gorgeous.

Every other step actually has a light built right in to its base; what a clever and unique idea. The railings on either side of the stairs are finished off with a magnificent mahogany brown.

The bar is obviously the main attraction of this room; with different shades of brown acting as the theme. It has the look of a modern, classy sports bar while still keeping that homey look we all love. The bar contains three beautifully finished bar stools, along with original hanging lights and a flat screen TV.

Who wouldn’t want to spend all of their free time here? If you look closely, you can see two indented liquor cabinets behind the bar. These could be filled with, obviously liquor, or some sort of matching décor. Behind the liquor cabinet rests several brown pillars, which seem to be not only holding up the fort, but acting as decorative tools as well.

The ceiling is also nothing short of amazing. Instead of just a plain, flat structure, like most ceilings, this off-white ceiling is composed of ridges and Cape-Cod style slants. I adore the color they picked for the floors; rarely do we see white carpet anymore. A basement like this would do well to be kept away from the kids and enjoyed by adults on special occasions.


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