A Tanning Bed Built into The Shower Room

A Tanning Bed Built into The Shower RoomWow, a tanning bed installed directly into the shower? That’s completely ingenious. A clever and convenient idea for anyone who enjoys tanning in their spare time. We all have busy schedules, but what about those of us who still want to look good while working hard? Why not tan while you shower?

If I hadn’t already known that this was a tanning salon, I would still think this shower was gorgeous. It’s not too often that you think a shower looks pretty, as they all look the same. With the added colors of the tanning salon, this shower brightens up the whole bathroom.

This shower looks exactly like something a celebrity would have in their home. I love how the tanning bed, plus the lights, look like they just naturally belong in the shower. There are even hooks to hang your robe or towels. We already spend a significant time in the shower; why not use the time efficiently?

This is also a major money saver. Now instead of buying a membership to a tanning salon and throwing all your money down the drain, just sit in your shower and let your body tan! Even five star luxury hotel suites don’t have showers that include tanning beds. Besides saving you money, this would keep your life stress free.

Just imagine coming home from a long, difficult day at work and taking a steamy shower, then enjoying your built-in tanning bed after your relaxing shower. You can relax after you relax! What a concept.


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