An Excellent Idea for Hiding the Flaws in Your Entertainment System

Entertainment System Wiring FlawThis is a unique and imaginative idea that everyone with a wall mount television should try. It’s not only appealing and decorative, but safe for your kids as well. What is the biggest, most visible flaw in most people’s entertainment system set up?  Its the exposed wiring that looks like a tangled mess.  A good solution to this can problem can make your entertainment center seem much more organized.  To be more specific, what this person has done is hide all the electrical cords from their huge wall mount tv with a tv cord cover kit.  If you are looking to purchase such a cord cover kit, following is the absolute best option that we could find and at the lowest price:

They chose two different possible “after” scenarios, picking one white tab to cover the cords and one tannish/brownish tab to match the color of the wall. Either of these would work just fine, because both of them are covering the eyesore of the tangled up cords, but the second option looks the best with the décor, since the color blends in well.

The entertainment system, and the décor around it, looks great for what is clearly a pretty small room. I love the idea of having decorative items right on top of the entertainment system in front of the TV. The trio of candles look great next to the flat screentv and the flowers on the floor bring some loveliness to the scene.

Who would have ever thought flowers on the floor could work? This would work out wonderfully if you have hardwood floors, but you could probably get away with it if you have carpet as well. The wallpaper covering is a nice color as well. It’s a neutral looking tannish/brownish color that you don’t see very often, but it works with the scene.

The entertainment system in itself is equally as nice, making a solid base for the room theme. The cord covering definitely pulled the whole look off, and makes the room have some strong class.

For step by step instructions on how to hide your cables using the Legrand cord cover kit (see Amazon link above), watch the following short video clip:

So, what do you think of this idea?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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