A Flawless Blend of Black, Brown, and White

A Flawless Blend of Black, Brown, and WhiteThis bathroom is gorgeous! It has both a modern and old-fashioned look without losing a bit of the fashion. The decorator skillfully used a blend of black, brown, and white together, which turned out beautifully.

The only color I see differently from those three is the light blue wall, but it somehow manages to blend in perfectly with the other colors. Looking at this room reminds me of a fresh, strong, savory cup of coffee.

The designer used the prettiest shades of black and brown for this bathroom. The sink caught my eye first, with its jet-black taps that I’ve never seen anywhere else. The sink itself is a shocking contrast of white, but it looks amazing.

Then we have the pink, green, and white flowers; which the decorator delicately placed inside of an old-fashioned watering can as the vase. The tile banner ties the whole bathroom décor together. Its use of different shades of little black and brown rectangles fit in beautifully with the theme of this room.

If you look closely, you can see a classic-looking soap dish, which is just adorable. The towel rack looks like something out of a movie; it matches the sink flawlessly and the design is as lovely as the bright white towel that softly rests in it.

The extra large mirror is the best part of this bathroom. What a great border; the dark brown color look terrific. Then we can see, reflected in the mirror, the two picture frames that are obviously set next to the towel rack. The last bit in this gorgeous bathroom is the light at the top; which has the same old-fashioned look as the towel rack.


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