An Excellent use of Purple and White

An Excellent use of Purple and WhiteThis room is designed with a perfectly splendid use of purple. There are many original decorative items and paint ideas that I have never seen elsewhere. The beds are obviously the most noticeable aspect of the room, with their unique purple patterns on the comforters and orange, purple, and white pillows.

I love the seat on the floor as well; it matches the beds beautifully, and the bright white rug it’s gently sitting on is gorgeous. And the idea of having drawers on the bed frames is out of this world. This would be a great place to stash clothes, papers, or miscellaneous items. The divider in between the two bed doubles as a night stand AND decorative shelves, which is beyond impressive. And the fact that there is a nice set of doors leading right outside the door makes this room all the more amazing.

The symmetrical lamps above the beds add a discrete sense of class and glamour to the already adorable room. What a great idea to paint the ceiling instead of the two adjacent walls, the same color purple as the décor in the rest of the room. This way the room has just enough purple to have a nice theme going, but it’s not too obnoxious. I’d have to say this room emphasizes the use of purple and white together better than any other themed room I’ve seen. This room looks like it belongs to two teenage girls, and what young girls wouldn’t love to sleep in a room like this?


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