Clean Floors Brilliant Idea for Your Pets

This idea is too good to be true! Wonderful idea if you have cats or dogs in the home. The designer had the average homeowner with pets in mind when they created this item. We can see here that the dog’s bowls are attached to the wall at a height, with about two feet of room from the floor.

 This has multiple advantages. Not only can you sweep and mop your floors without the hassle of having to move the bowls elsewhere, but your pet is less likely to make a mess of their meal this way. Since the bowls are raised, they will be unable to knock their food dishes around, and there is less of a chance of the food spilling out onto the floor.

I absolutely love the design that the decorator picked as well! A gorgeous silvery, gold panel delicately holds the two food dishes, which are covered in a sparkly silver material. The best part is how the pet’s name is printed boldly on the front! If your pet didn’t feel important before, they sure will now.

This idea is not only convenient if you have pets, but kids as well; kids are always running around and knocking things over (such as the pet’s food dishes on the floor), and this way that issue is completely eliminated. This will save you a hassle and a mess to have to clean up. If you have other pets in your household, every one of them should have a set-up like this one. Think about how little time you’ll spend cleaning up after them! You can Purchase this through online here Personalized Wall-Mount Pet Feeder


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