The Best Looking Attic in Town

The Best Looking Attic in TownNow this is one good looking attic! This reminded me instantly of a doll house. It’s almost too adorable for words. This attic can easily be used for another room, or party area, instead of getting dusty and storing old boxes.

The designer not only painted the floors a nice rusty red color, but covered all the ceilings and shelves as well. And we can also notice the classy lights on the ceiling lighting up the beauty of the room. Normally we don’t pay attention to our attics, but this attic is definitely eye-catching.

All the colors are visibly light, which blends in perfectly with the calm scene. The rusty red floor meshes well with the tan/off yellow walls, and the ceiling, with its light purplish-pinkish texture, takes the world “lovely” to a whole new level. The bookshelves here are just darling. These would look cute with little knickknacks or books on  them to appear livable. I love where the window is located as well; as soon as you walk upstairs, you get the advantage of a nice view of the outdoors before continuing to tour the rest of the attic.

This would make a very nice play room for the kids, a sleep-over area for teenagers, a game room for your pool or Ping-Pong table, or of course, your good old-fashioned storage space. If I had this attic in my home I would try very hard not to store things in there. This is too cute to mess up with dusty items.


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