Stunning Kitchen Set-up on a Dime

Stunning Kitchen Set-up on a DimeApparently this kitchen was built with a strict budget, but you would never know just by looking at it. I’d be thrilled to have this kitchen in my home. The decorator used different shades of brown, gold, and white; and they did an amazing job.

 Everything in this kitchen looks absolutely splendid. I’d have to say the counter is my favorite; it lights up the room with its gold base and splashes of brown painted in. The floors are glowing with a gorgeous shade of mahogany. The cabinets are all screaming for attention; there are three differently-designed sets of them and they are all beautiful. The two above the sink are awesome and original with their clear cover. And this way you can see all the food inside before you even open it!

Then we have the cabinets below the sink, which are finished off with a pretty shade of dark brown. The last set of cabinets are on either side of the room; one on top of the sterling-silver fridge and the other resting on the stove/microwave. These are just a shade lighter in color than the bottom cabinets.

The highlight of this kitchen is probably the two flower vases on top of the interior cabinets, along with the long candles on the exterior cabinets. Those have got to be the prettiest flower vases I have ever seen. You can get away with placing fake flowers in these because the eyes will be drawn to the vase, not the actual flower inside. The candles also match nicely with the flowers and the rest of the theme.


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